10 Best Lavender Perfumes for Ladies

10 Best Lavender Perfumes for Ladies

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Like sophisticated vanilla perfumes and delicate rose fragrances, lavender perfumes are perennial for a reason. “Lavender is one of the most beautiful oils by itself,” says David Seth Moltz, co-founder of D.S. & Durga. “It recalls a journey through European fields with age-old associations; it can denote cleanliness and is usually powdery for people who dig that,” he notes.

Used as far back as ancient Egyptian times, lavender has also been shown to have soothing and calming properties. So whether you’re looking to wind down for the weekend or are just getting into a jam-packed work week, a few spritzes of lavender perfume may just help you dissipate stress (and smell amazing in the process).

Despite its light and airy nature, lavender shouldn’t only be considered a daytime or spring-ready scent, however. Actually, it’s quite versatile.“Lavender is one of the canonical aromas of perfumery, so can work for both day and night and in any season,” says Seth Moltz, adding that it’s especially fitting for the evening when mixed with deeper floral or amber scents. According to the expert, lavender blends well with other florals like jasmine and rose, as well as herbs and citruses for a crisp medley.

Eager to add a lavender fragrance to your lineup or replenish your go-to stash? Ahead, shop 10 top-rated lavender perfumes that rightfully earn a spot on your vanity.

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Best Woodsy Lavender Perfume

D.S. & Durga

Burning Barbershop Eau de Parfum

Key Notes Spearmint, lime, hemlock spruce, lavendar
Size 1.7-3.3 fl. oz.

Best Musky Lavender Perfume

Yves Saint Laurent

Libre Eau de Parfum

Key Notes Lavender, orange blossom, musk
Size 1-5 fl. oz.

Best Citrusy Lavender Perfume

Acqua di Parma

Colonia Eau de Cologne

Key Notes Lemon, sweet orange, calabrian bergamot, lavendar
Size 3.3-6 fl. oz.

Best Romantic Lavender Perfume


The Alchemist’s Garden Moonlight Serenade Floral Water

Key Notes Lavender, sage, tonka bean
Size 5 fl. oz.

Best Unisex Lavender Perfume


Boy Chanel Eau de Parfum

Key Notes Lavender, geranium, woody notes
Size 2.5-6.8 fl. oz.

Best Classic Lavender Perfume


Atelier des Fleurs Lavanda Eau de Parfum

Key notes Lavendar
Size 5 fl. oz.

Best For Nighttime Wear

Jo Malone London

Amber & Lavender Cologne

Key Notes Lavender, amber, petitgrain
Size 3.4 fl. oz.

Best Calming Lavender Perfume


Dirty Lavender Eau de Parfum

Key Notes Bitter orange, cedarwood, lavender, neroli
Size 1.6 fl. oz.

Best Splurge

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Petit Matin Eau de Parfum

Key Notes Litsea cubeba, Calabrian lemon, lavender from Provence, orange blossom, musk
Size 6.8 fl. oz.

Best Subtly Sweet Lavender Perfume


Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum

Key Notes Jasmine, lavender, vanilla
Size 1-3.3 fl. oz.

David Seth Moltz is a scent expert and co-founder of D.S. & Durga.

Sam Peters is a seasoned commerce writer and editor with over five years of experience covering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. For this roundup, she consulted a scent expert about the benefits of lavender perfume and considered a range of top-rated lavender perfumes on the market, evaluating each on their customer feedback.

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