27 EDGY Minimalist Style Clothes & Outfits (In 2022)

27 EDGY Minimalist Style Clothes & Outfits (In 2022)

Minimalist Style Clothing Essentials For A Chic Minimalist Wardrobe

While the top 2022 fashion trends confirm the timeless appeal of minimalist style clothing, the minimalist aesthetic is much more than crisp white shirts and structured detailing.

The sartorial mindset of minimalism is linked to sustainable clothing brands, promotes mindful shopping, and the creation of a minimalist closet.

By creating a capsule wardrobe with only a few seasonless, timeless pieces that co-exist in harmony, you’ll discard the unnecessary pieces of clothing and end the current consumerist narrative that promotes quantity over quality.

In this article, I’ve rounded up the best outfit ideas with minimalist style clothes at the core to help you jump-start your journey to stylish, low-key dressing.

Monochromatic Chunky Oversized Knits

Monochromatic Chunky Oversized Knits Minimalist Style
Monochromatic Chunky Oversized Knits Minimalist Style – thevou.com

Monochromatic chunky oversized knits are a must-have for special occasions and in every winter capsule wardrobe.

Cozy chic sweaters in pastel and neutral colors can be styled with everything from skinny jeans and sneakers to tailored trousers and boots.

These ‘layerable’ minimalist style clothing pieces look fantastic underneath a wrap camel coat or vegan leather jacket during the coldest days.

White Midi Shirtdress

Minimalist Style White Midi Shirtdress
Minimalist Style White Midi Shirtdress – thevou.com

It’s no coincidence that every certifiable style icon has been spotted wearing a crisp, tailored white midi shirtdress.

Add a unique belt to define your waist – and personal style – and get the look finalized with a pair of lace-up sandals.

For smart casual dressing, pair up your shirtdress with sneakers, roll up the sleeves, and don’t forget to grab your blazer in case the weather gets too chilly.

Fitted Turtlenecks

Minimalist Style Fitted Turtlenecks
Minimalist Style Fitted Turtlenecks – thevou.com

This season-defying staple can be tucked in skirts or paired up with 90s style comfy flair jeans and work-appropriate tailored trousers.

Turtlenecks look fantastic with blazers, neutral-colored coats, and leather jackets, so rest assured that you’ll be able to pull off multiple minimalist style clothing looks with ease.

It would be best to have a few different colors like tan, beige, white, gray, black, and blue; colors that go well with brown clothes.

Minimalist Trench Coats

Minimalist Style Trench Coats
Minimalist Style Trench Coats – thevou.com

Trench coats in minimalist style are the ideal items of clothing for trans-seasonal outerwear.

Match with a lovely cozy chunky knit underneath and a pair of ankle boots.

The styling choices are endless: the classic camel or beige coat looks good with jeans, timeless floral dresses, button-up shirts, and even plain t-shirts with leggings.

Go for a head-to-toe white look and break the monotony with a beige trench coat, or layer it with a warm, neutral sweater and black trousers.

Minimalist Oversized Shirts

Minimalist Style Oversized Shirts
Minimalist Style Oversized Shirts – thevou.com

Who would have thought oversized shirts and jeans for women could look so clean and sophisticated?

Wear your quality oversized shirt unbuttoned with a bralette and a pair of all-black trousers, layer it with a high-waisted skirt and a pair of sneakers or wear it half tucked in your denim showers.

Also, these minimalist style clothes can be the perfect seaside staple; oversized shirts in white or pastel are great for a cover-up on the beach.

The minimalist approach seen here, combined with quality pieces in sustainable fabrics, is very suitable for formal occasions.

Timeless Midi Skirt

Minimalist Style Midi Skirt
Minimalist Style Midi Skirt – thevou.com

Whether pleated, wrapped, a line, or skin-tight, midi skirts are all-year-round appropriate, especially if purchased from sustainable clothing brands.

Rock it with a white crop top or touch your oversized shirt; layer it with neutral-colored trench coats or wear it with your trusted turtleneck during office and leisure hours.

Midi skirts look fantastic with pumps, sneakers, lace-up sandals, boots, and everything in between.

Minimalist Knit Dress

Minimalist Style Knit Dress
Minimalist Style Knit Dress – thevou.com

Chic, sophisticated, and timeless knit dresses allow for comfort and easy movement – the most important aspects of a winning minimalist style wardrobe.

Add a belt to define your waist, or wear it oversized with nude heels, over-the-knee boots, or sneakers.

Either way, knit dresses are perfect for dressing up or down with other seasonal items from your minimal wardrobe.

Raw Denim Jeans

Minimalist Raw Denim Jeans
Minimalist Raw Denim Jeans – thevou.com

Raw denim jeans have the perfect crease and three-dimensional shape to give your look a distinctive character.

From skinny to boot cut, to straight leg and flares, this minimalist style of clothing can match all your wardrobe staples, from sweaters and t-shirts to trench coats and blazers.

Two-Tone Jumpsuits

Minimalist Style Two-Tone Jumpsuits
Minimalist Style Two-Tone Jumpsuits – thevou.com

Two-tone jumpsuits make the entire minimalist style appear put together and modern, like its own dress code.

It would be best to opt for contrasting shades that clash most pleasantly.

Jumpsuits can be worn from day to night with a simple, monochromatic blazer or a leather jacket to add more edge.

Oversized Casual Chic Blazer

Minimalist Style Oversized Casual Chic Blazer
Minimalist Style Oversized Casual Chic Blazer – thevou.com

Blazers are heavy-hitters that can not only offer endless outfit possibilities and can be worn year-round but also exude confidence.

We’ve seen thousands of certifiable style icons tapping into power-dressing with minimalist style clothing in dark or sometimes neutral shades.

Style it with a classic t-shirt and a pair of jeans for ankle-length tailored trousers to add a modern twist to the trusted suit.

Leather Pants

Minimalist Style Leather Pants
Minimalist Style Leather Pants – thevou.com

From the moment Elvis Presley managed to turn leather trousers into a full-on fashion trend back in the 60s fashion, leather pants have proven their sartorial power time and time again.

With neutral tones and simple designs, this minimalist clothing style is loved by men and women alike.

Often styled with plain cropped tees and the aforementioned oversized blazers, it also goes well with matching leather jackets for an extra edge.

Puff Sleeves

Minimalist Style Puff Sleeves
Minimalist Style Puff Sleeves – thevou.com

Puff sleeves are the best way to give minimalist aesthetic clothes a trend-driven oomph without forgoing simplicity.

Whether a tailored button-up shirt or a flirty cocktail dress with puff sleeves, this silhouette gives subtle hints of femininity without stepping into the girly aesthetic.

Style it with a work-appropriate pair of wool trousers or pair up with a dress from sustainable materials and lace-up heels to create a sleek look.

Knee Length Shorts

Minimalist Style Knee Length Shorts
Minimalist Style Knee Length Shorts – thevou.com

Knee-length shorts are the ultimate minimalist clothing style for smart casual spring and summer outings.

Rock them with a button-up shirt and a pair of sneakers, and layer them with an oversized blazer for the ultimate off-duty look.

Knee-length shorts are the most coveted minimalist clothes men love styling with simple t-shirts and casual button-ups due to their versatility and all-day comfort.

Oversized Minimalist Suits

Oversized Minimalist Suits
Oversized Minimalist Suits – thevou.com

Oversized minimalist suits are the celebrities’ favourite minimalist style.

Fashion insiders wear them on repeat to showcase individual, flattering styles.

The purposefully ill-fitting tailored trend can be styled with a super fitted shirt or even a peek-a-boo bra and your trusted pair of women’s sneakers – or heels.

When it comes to men’s minimalist style clothes, the oversized suit goes hand in hand with a simple button-up shirt and contrasting sneakers.

Black On Black

Black On Black Minimalist Outfit
Black On Black Minimalist Outfit – thevou.com

What’s a more sophisticated and chic look than the all-time favorite black-on-black ensemble?

The black on black dressing is not be confused with black tie dress code, though.

Unlike black tie, this minimalist clothing style offers versatility and can be worn all year long in every imaginable scenario.

Opt for a total black tailored suit with enough volume to make a visual statement, a simple, slim-fitted pair of jeans, and a matching sleeveless top for your casual strolls in the city.

Off White Minimalist Outfit

Off White Minimalist Outfit
Off White Minimalist Outfit – thevou.com

Off-white outfits connote a sense of cleanliness and elegance that cannot be matched.

Pair wide-leg pants with a basic T-shirt or an intricate bra, and top it off with a breezy white blazer.

Some great off-white men’s minimalist outfit ideas include a fitted white polo shirt or a simple white t-shirt styled with white jeans, tailored trousers, or chinos.

Minimalist Black & White

Minimalist Black & White
Minimalist Black & White – thevou.com

Much like total black and white, black and white ensembles look sophisticated, bold, and sharp on every occasion.

Contrasting minimalist style clothes are the ultimate monochrome combinations for day and night.

To master this style, wear a classic black turtleneck with a white skirt.

Or, for a more formal occasion, wear an all-white mens’ suit with black detailing at the top.

Tonal dressing

Minimalist Style Tonal dressing
Minimalist Style Tonal dressing – thevou.com

When it comes to minimalist style looks, not everything is dark or neutral.

On the contrary, tonal dressing is a great way to express yourself with various colors.

Try wearing clothes in similar shades (like sky blue or royal blue) to create a coordinated look.

For example, wear pastel green blazers with forest green trousers or joggers.

Or for a more neutral tone, camel trench coats with beige trousers are a match made in heaven.

Boxi Silhouettes

Minimalist Boxi Silhouette Outfits
Minimalist Boxi Silhouette Outfits – thevou.com

Oversized blazers are not the only boxi silhouettes you can incorporate into your minimalist wardrobe.

Opt for a total white look with an oversized button-up shirt and balance the flowing look of a pair of wide-leg shorts.

“Heavy” knee-length skirts and oversized shirts are yet another fantastic minimalist style look for men and women.

Loose-fitting Top & Bottom

Loose-fitting Minimalist Outfits
Loose-fitting Minimalist Outfits – thevou.com

Apart from being airy and comfortable, loose-fitting tops and bottoms are the street style approved way to look cool with almost no effort.

Choose a loose top, style it with a pair of wide-leg trousers and finish the look with your favorite boots.

Also, knee-length trousers with oversized tees layered on top or crisp button-up shirts have taken the minimalist fashion world by storm, so why not give it a try?

Brown Wide Leg Pants With White Tanks

Brown Wide Leg Pants With White Tanks Minimalist Style Outfits
Brown Wide Leg Pants With White Tanks Minimalist Style Outfits – thevou.com

Brown wide-leg trousers are almost as versatile as your go-to denim because of their wear-me-everywhere neutral-colored hue.

This beloved minimalist style clothing staple can be worn with white tees and tops as well as navy blue, turquoise, and pale blue, depending on your aesthetic.

Mini-dress With High Boots

Minimalist Style Mini-dress With High Boots
Minimalist Style Mini-dress With High Boots – thevou.com

Mini-dress with high boots, the influencer-approved look that always manages to stay at the top of the minimalist fashion trends.

Opt for a pair of leather or suede boots, throw on your monochromatic mini dress and layer it with a neutral-colored trench coat if the weather gets too chilly.

Ankle Leather Boots With Blazer

Minimalist Style Ankle Boots
Minimalist Style Ankle Boots with Blazer outfits – thevou.com

Ankle boots elongate the legs and are the perfect option for cropped jeans, midi skirts, and wide-leg shorts.

Pair up your ankle boots with a tailored blazer and finish the look with a maxi satin dress or a shorts suit for your next summer ensemble.

Leather Mules & Loafers

Minimalist Style Sleek Leather Loafers
Minimalist Style Sleek Leather Loafers – thevou.com

For die-hard minimalists, leather mules and loafers are the shoes in your all-year-round rotation.

From chunky white loafers and fur-adorned mules to plain black styles with subtle gold detailing, these shoes match your minimalist aesthetic clothes to a T.

Minimalist Sandals

Minimalist Style Sandals
Minimalist Style Sandals – thevou.com

A quality pair of minimalist style sandals are timeless, even more so if the color and silhouette work with both morning and evening looks.

Wear white, black, or beige hues with a shallow heel like a classic buckle sandal or a modern flip flop.

White “Ugly” Sneakers

Minimalist Style outfits with White Sneakers
Minimalist Style Outfits With White Chunky Sneakers – thevou.com

White “ugly” sneakers have become a spale in women’s minimalist wardrobes worldwide.

Choose intricate styles with exaggerated soles in neutral colors (preferably all white ) to match your existing minimalist style clothes lineup.

From jeans and oversized hoodies to full-on suits, these shoes add an extra edge to every outfit with ease.

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Minimalist Style Chunky Gold Jewelry
Minimalist Style Chunky Gold Jewelry – thevou.com

Thick chains with unique shapes and textures, bold hoop-shaped earrings, and chunky gold rings go perfectly with all minimalist fashion looks.

Toughen up your simple ensembles with multiple pieces to create a curated gilded look that’s still classic and timeless.

Minimalist Style FAQs

What Does a Minimalist Style Mean?

Minimalist or minimalism is a style characterized by simplicity, clean lines, and monochromatic color palettes.

The minimalist style is used preponderantly in fashion and architecture, and in both cases, it focuses on simple shapes, colors, and light texture as the cores of the basic design.

What is the Minimalist Fashion Style?

Minimalism in fashion is about removing unnecessary stylistic elements and retaining only the necessary parts that compose a simple yet beautiful garment.

While the minimalist fashion style implies monochromatic attire comprised of simple but functional garments, minimalism in fashion has another meaning as the antithesis of the consumerist narrative.


Driven by the “quality over quantity” mantra, it turns out that minimalist style clothing is far from boring and plain.

Curated from top ethical brands, the 27 aforementioned minimalist aesthetic articles of clothing are sophisticated, classy, and, most importantly, versatile.

Modern minimalist fashion style begins and ends with versatile, constructed essential pieces in neutral shades that can be worn on every occasion.

Ultimately, having a minimalist wardrobe will ensure a sense of unity in the neutrality of your options.

Not only you’ll be able to create a slew of coveted looks within a few minutes, but you will also save a ton of money by avoiding impulse purchases with no longevity.

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