6 must-know jewellery trends for 2023

6 must-know jewellery trends for 2023

If the new year has you feeling like your accessories (opens in new tab) could use an update, then you’ve come to the right place. Some may say diamonds (opens in new tab) are a girl’s best friend, but for 2023 it seems jewellery trends are set to seriously transcend just your standard sparkle. 

To understand exactly which jewellery trends we are set to see this year, we looked to the experts, the data, the runways and, of course, social media. We tapped into the expertise of jewellery designer Begüm Yalçın—the founder of contemporary jewellery brand, Charms Company (opens in new tab)—as well as looking at search data and the latest jewellery trend emerging on TikTok. 

Between supersized pearls and the rise of personalisation (opens in new tab), it’s clear to see that 2023 is set to be the year for unique jewellery designs. 

Jewellery trends seen on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways

Jewellery on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways at Givenchy (L) and Acne Studios (R). 

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It’s interesting to note that several of the prominent jewellery trends we’re seeing emerge for 2023, closely mirror the clothing trends that were popular on the Spring/Summer 2023 runways. Indeed, heart motifs and 3D florals seem to be making their way into both our closets and our jewellery boxes this season.