Best perfume for men: A guide for every perfume head to build an aromatic self image

Best perfume for men: A guide for every perfume head to build an aromatic self image

Perfumes are widely used as fragrances that kill bad body odor and or sweat. It is said that perfumes disseminate the vibes, image and aura of the wearer. It is one such element that can be used to distinguish people and their personality from one another. With the increase in the fashion trends and introduction of a wide range of essential oils, the number of perfumes and their authenticity has undergone a drastic variation. Before we sink deeper into the world of perfumes and the best perfume for men, you ought to understand how perfumes came into existence, how perfumes are made, their types, uses and the most obvious never ending craze among men. 


Let’s trace the history of perfumes:


It is believed that perfumes or to be more precise scents were traditionally holding a sacred tag that slowly made its space in the list of personal hygiene products. Ancient Egyptians had a major contribution in the evolution of perfumes. They used scents during prayers, religious ceremonies and cremation. During that era, Egypt was a place where trading of raisins, spices, fine woods, incense and aromas was at peak. These abundant trading of fragrant goods were also imported to distant lands. 


How were perfumes created? 


Perfumes were made only from naturally existing elements like flowers, fine woods, plants, fruits, animal secretion, coal, tar and petrochemicals. Extracting scents from these natural elements was a task but worth the effort. All these elements were either burned, pressed or steamed to extract oil and then oil was burnt to contain the scent. In Egypt, burning essential oils and resins resulted in an aromatic atmosphere during sacred and religious ceremonies.


The scent is a result of blending and burning of essential oils. The amalgamation of essential oil is called a formula. This formula is then diluted with alcohol in a carrier. During the process, the scent is stabilised and controlled according to the desired longevity on the skin. The more the ratio of the essential oil to the content of alcohol, the higher the concentration of the perfume. This high concentration makes a persistent and long lasting perfume. The higher the ratio the higher the perfume price. 


A perfect concentration of perfume can only be traced with the help of its ingredients alcohol and oils. A slightly concentrated perfume fades away within an hour whereas a highly concentrated perfume can long last on the skin. 


A guide to understand the types of perfumes so that you can pick the best perfume for men: 


1. Eau De Parfum: EDP is the short form of Eau de Parfum. The literal meaning of Eau De Parfum is perfume water. Initially it was more popular as a feminine fragrance and slowly it started inclining towards masculinity. It has in total up to 15 to 20 percent of concentrated fragrance oil that defines the perfume’s scent and longevity. This perfume generally lasts for 4 to 5 hours. The amalgamation of rich essential concentrated oil directly affects the price of the perfume and thus Eau De Parfum tends to be expensive. This perfume is one of the strongest perfumes for men. 


2. Eau de Toilette: EDT is the short form of Eau de Toilette. Eau de Toilette is a lighter version of perfume. It does not contain a high percentage of concentrated fragrance oil. Only 5 to 15 percent of the contracted oil will do its job magnificently.The name is derived from a French dictionary that means “getting ready”. It lasts on your skin and disseminates a slight fragrance that keeps your skin refreshed. This perfume is largely rich in ingredients that offer a fragrance ideal to be applied in the morning rather than the evening. Eau de Toilette tends to have lower price points than the rest. 


3. Eau de Cologne: Eau de Cologne is known by its initial EDC. It has a freshening and pure aromatic formula. Eau de Cologne has an extremely low percentage of concentrated oil. Cologne is a term used for all of the perfumes for men. With extreme light fragrance, this perfume lasts up to 2 to 4 hours. This light perfume for men keeps the wearer freshed yet scented lightly. 


4. Eau de Fraiche: Eau de Fraiche is a men’s perfume that comes with minimum concentration of scented oils. The literal meaning of Eau de Fraiche is “fresh water”. The majority of the perfume heads have labeled it as the most light weighted perfume for men available for purchase. It contains only 1 to 3 percent of scented oil that is diluted with more water than alcohol. It lasts only upto 1 to 2 hours. This perfume is most likely to be used after a shower for a fresh spritz on the skin. 


With these 4 main types of perfumes for men available for purchase, you have drawn a clear picture in your mind that portrays your aromatic self image. Whether you wish to go for stronger and long lasting perfumes or lighter tones. Which perfume is the best for men? You will only come to know that by scrolling down! 

Before we begin with the perfume brands for men and picking up the best perfume, you need to understand three terms: Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes. These notes are structured like a pyramid. They are placed according to their evaporation rates. While creating perfumes, these notes play a major role apart from the percentage of essential oils and the alcohol or water content. These three notes define the scent of the perfume and help us pen down how long the perfume will last on the skin. 


What are top, middle and base notes in a perfume? 


Top Notes: Top notes have a first place with regards to the pyramid. The list of ingredients that are placed in the top notes define the highest scent of the perfume. These ingredients are those which help your sense to understand whether the perfume is too sweet or strong. Top notes basically portray the first impression of the perfume. 


Middle Notes: Middle notes are those fragrances that last on the skin after the top notes have evaporated. The majority of the floral based essential oils and aromatic spices fit under this tag. They are reliable and last for upto 1 to 2 hours. These middle notes are not easily identifiable due to the presence of top notes. So once the top notes have evaporated, you could sense the fragrance of middle notes. 


Base Notes: Base notes are the soul of the perfume. They are present right from the beginning and compliment top and middle notes magnificently. When you cannot see any traces of top notes and the middle notes are on the verge of being evaporated completely, the base notes kickstart with their closure. These notes are expensive, pure and luxe. 


Since you are well versed with all the necessary information about perfume, let’s start shopping! We have categorised it according to the types so you can snatch a glimpse of all the perfumes and pick the best perfume for men in an easy-peasy manner. 


A. Eau De Parfum


1. Villain Perfume For Men


Villain Perfume For Men is Eau De Parfum. It is a premium perfume for men with a long lasting fragrance that is woody and spicy. It is crafted with unique exotic ingredients. It is hot, distinct, appealing and lingers enough to catch an undivided attention of your prey. It has the ultimate power to woo every woman and with top notch notes. Orange blossom and blackberry aromatic are found in the top notes. The middle notes contain jasmine, coffee and bitter almond. The base notes have the strong essence of vanilla, white musk and cider. 


Price: Rs. 750

Deal: Rs. 562

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2. The Man Company Luxury Fire Perfume For Men


The Man Company Luxury Fire Perfume is the perfect everyday perfume for men. It has a long lasting fragrance and high-quality essential oils. The fragrance will fill you up with immense confidence and zeal to emerge victorious in everything you do. It is the best perfume for men that lifts spirits for every man. Eau De Parfum Fire is a well-blended fragrance with fresh, floral and woody notes. Witness the power of Armoise in the top notes, jasmine in the middle notes and sandalwood in the base notes. This all in one exquisite perfume makes it a sheer winner.


Price: Rs. 749

Deal: Rs. 479

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3. Beardo Whisky Smoke Perfume for Men


Beardo Whisky Smoke Perfume for Men is a strong and long lasting perfume that is spicy and woody. It has an exquisite Oudh. Oudh is basically a pungent smell that is musky yet sensual. This body perfume for men has a rich and sophisticated scent. In addition, this perfume will serve you with a boozy appeal. Beardo Whisky Smoke EDP is a premium perfume that has a strong and masculine fragrance that lasts longer than other perfumes. The top notes of whiskey, tobacco, spice while coriander and vanilla give it an alluring freshness. The Base notes from Oudh, sandalwood, patchouli and leather make it last long and take it to the next level. 


Price: Rs. 1200

Deal: Rs. 599

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4. Titan Raw Perfume for Men


This perfume is the best selling perfume. It can be labeled as the best perfume for men due to its chemical free nature. It has a charismatic fragrance made up from rich and raw ingredients. It brings out a feeling of rejuvenation that brings out the right balance of top, middle and base notes. The top notes contain watery fruits, mandarin and bergamot. In the middle, you will find the notes of violet leaves, pomarose and carnation geranium. To end with the base notes, Indonesia patchouli, cashmeran and gaiac wood will mesmerise you instantly. 


Price: Rs. 1895

Deal: Rs. 1515

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B. Eau de Toilette


1. Bombay Shaving Company Mexico EDT


Mexico is a finely crafted fragrance for a man who always plays hard to get. The exquisite blend of citric and woody scents evokes freshness with a hint of playful charm. The top notes of bergamot, neroli and lemon create a first impression that makes it one of the most widely purchased perfumes for men. Rose and teakwood in the middle are full bodied aromas that perfectly lighten up the mood. The base notes of Vetiver & Musk give it a calm and woody fragrance. Each flavour is held together by the unmistakable and sensible fragrances of the herbs, adding to the long lasting sensuousness of this fragrance. 


Price: Rs. 795

Deal: Rs. 499

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2. Jaguar Classic Eau De Toilette Perfume


Jaguar Classic Eau De Toilette Perfume is a classic red realisation of a powerful fragrance which encourages a dynamic masculine aura with vibrant energy. It has powerful fragrance notes that make it an everyday essential. Top Notes of bergamot, blackcurrant and raspberry makes it a fragrance that helps in building an aromatic self image. Jasmine leaves, bay and hot pepper oil and ozonic accord are found in the middle notes. Whereas the base notes of cedarwood, patchouli and white amber exhilarate your senses seamlessly. 


Price: Rs. 3300

Deal: Rs. 1980

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3. All Good Scents Urbane Nights Dusk Eau De Toilette For Men


All Good Scents Urbane Nights Dusk Eau De Toilette is a long lasting and the best perfume for men that can define your personality type with ease. It is a fragrance purely crafted in France. This blend of the aromatic accords of lemon, mandarin and bergamot brightens the notes of violet leaves and vanilla, accentuating sensuality with freshness. It has the notes of bergamot, black pepper, cardamom and vetiver that makes it a premium perfume. 



Price: Rs. 1490

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4. Tommy Hilfiger For Men Eau de Toilette


Tommy Hilfiger For Men Eau de Toilette is a fresh scent with notes of lavender, amber apple, spearmint, citrus, cinnamon and cranberry. Believe us or not! This is the best perfume for men that can last long. The scents and essential oils stick on your skin and make you aromatic throughout the day. With perfect concentration levels, this perfume captures an effervescent wood scent. 


Price: Rs. 3600

Deal: Rs. 3060

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C. Eau de Cologne


1. Ustraa Scuba Cologne


A deep and fresh perfume for men that keeps you charged all day. The top notes consisting of bergamot, lavender and pineapple are lively, aquatic and clean, which makes this Ustraa Scuba Cologne the best perfume for men. It is intense and has a long lasting effect. The provocative, woody and spicy base notes of tonka, sandalwood and pomarosa exhale a masculine scent that opens with fresh fougere. The middle notes include coumarin, geranium, oak moss and apple. This magnificent concentration makes it a must have perfume for men.


Price: Rs. 799

Deal: Rs. 607

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2. Jovan Musk Men’s Cologne Spray


Jovan Musk Men’s Cologne Spray has a beautiful choice of top notes that exhales a woody fragrance. The floral middle notes of this perfume flawlessly fade away and give rise to the base notes of musk. Jovan Musk Men’s Cologne Spray is thus considered to be an intense and energising scent that reveals masculine modernity.


Price: Rs. 4499

Deal: Rs. 2543

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Who doesn’t like perfumes that last long? And this ASPEN by Coty COLOGNE is one of the best perfumes for men that comes with jaw dropping notes of essential oils. With the evaporation of each note what comes to you is the base notes of wood. The deep fragrance of this perfume is something that you will drool over and over again. 


Price: Rs. 2450

Deal: Rs. 1470

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4. Clinique Happy For Men Eau de Cologne


Clinique Happy For Men Eau de Cologne will give you a dreamy yet manly fragrance to flaunt it throughout the day. The new men’s fragrance from Clinique is dedicated to any man who loves setting his sights high. This cologne with frizzy hints perfectly embodies a person who refuses to limit himself to what’s possible. It is a mix of notes that are intensified by exotic dashes of everything meant for men. 


Price: Rs. 4900

Deal: Rs. 3920

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D. Eau de Fraiche


1. Lacoste L.12.12 Eau Fraiche 


Lacoste L.12.12 Eau Fraiche is a simple, elegant, casual fragrance for men that is the perfect mix of energy and freshness at the height of summer. It has a citrusy scent that energises your mind and refreshes it instantly. Spritz on your pulse points and stay naturally cool. It has the top notes of Limoncello accord, middle notes that are aquatic and base notes of natural woods.


Price: Rs. 5450

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2. Terre DHermes Eau Tres Fraiche


Terre DHermes Eau Tres Fraiche is for all skin types. It is recommended for casual wear and you can also use it after shaving. It has a lasting fragrance that will make you feel more sophisticated. It is also an Eau De Toilette Spray that makes it the best perfume for men to spritz it all over the body.


Price: Rs. 9700

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3. Hermes Terre DHermes Eau Tres Fraiche


Hermes Terre DHermes Eau Tres Fraiche is an expensive perfume for men but worth the penny. The aromatic notes of this perfume will compel you to buy this perfume again. The soothing aroma and powerful scent of the concentrated oils makes it a must have. 


Price: Rs. 10,308

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All these perfumes deserve the tag of the best perfume for men. But everyone has a varied taste and personality. To suit every personality there are plenty of options to choose from. Right from the top, middle to base notes, check them all. The perfume brands might be unfamiliar to you but we are sure that the fragrance will be our very own distinctive factor when in the crowd. So which is the best perfume for men that makes its way to your cart? 


In the process of finalising the best perfume to buy, take a look over the advantages of using a perfume in your everyday life. 


Advantages of using a perfume: 


1. Perfumes will help you to stand out in a crowd. It becomes your identity. 

2. It boosts yoru personality and lifts your spirits. 

3. It kills bad odor and sweat with the help of powerful concentrated natural oils. 

4. Perfumes help you to stay aromatic and build a fragrant self image for yourself. 

5. It has calming elements that pleases not only you but everyone around you. 

6. It reduces stress. 

7. It is said to be an extension of your personality. 

8. Your fragrance will attract people. 


All these advantages of using perfume in everyday life might look cliche. It is completely upon you whether you pick a light perfume for men, high price perfume, low price perfume, imported perfumes, body perfume or cologne. We have laid down everything that you need before investing a lump sum amount in perfumes for daily use. 


Now let’s look at the do’s and don’ts for spraying perfumes: 


1. Always spray your perfume directly on pulse points. 

2. Don’t forget to spray the perfume behind your ears, neck and wrists. 

3. In order to make your perfume last longer than usual, apply a moisturiser on your pulse points and then spritz the fragrance on top of it. 

4. Once sprayed, do not rub your perfume. 

5. Do not store your perfumes in the bathroom. 

6. Avoid spraying perfumes immediately after shower. You can do it only if recommended. 

7. If you wish to spray the perfume on your apparels then make sure you spray it from a distance. 

8. Spraying perfume without any distance might stain your clothes. 


The history of perfumes.. TICK. How are perfumes created.. TICK. What are the types of perfumes available for purchase.. TICK. What are top, middle and base notes in a perfume.. TICK. Advantages of using perfume… TICK. Do’s and don’ts for spraying a perfume.. TICK. Purchasing the best perfume for men.. What are you waiting for? Tick it RIGHT AWAY! We can’t wait to see your aromatic self image that is going to turn heads wherever you go. 




1. How to decide the longevity of the perfumes? 

The longevity of the perfumes can be decided by its name and concentration levels of the ingredients. The top, middle and base notes will also help you to understand how long the sprayed perfume will last. 


2. Where should one spray the perfume? 

Always spray the perfume on your pulse points. Moisturise your pulse points and then spray the perfume for a powerful and long lasting fragrance. One should never rub the perfume sprayed on the moisturised pulse points. 


3. Why are perfumes so expensive? 

Perfumes are largely expensive due to their concentration levels and natural ingredients. The essential oils and their traces determine the price points of the perfume. Right from the top, middle and base notes, the alcohol content and water will shout out the price of the perfumes. 


4. What aspects should one check while buying the perfume? 

Before purchasing a perfume, ask yourself whether you wish to buy a perfume that lasts long or a perfume that sticks on your skin throughout the day. Always check the top, middle and base notes along with the brand of the perfume. See the origin and the type of perfume that you are purchasing. Every type of perfume has distinctive features and their longevity differs drastically. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients present in the perfume. After glancing through the ingredients and other specifications of the perfume, make sure you read the comments and reviews. 


5. Which is the best perfume for men? 

There is a huge list of the best perfumes for men. Perfumes originated from France are generally worth the value and considered to be best. Due to the upcoming craze of perfumes, various dealers have brought in first copies and duplicate perfumes of the best selling original perfumes meant for men. What suits your personality should be considered as the best perfume. 


6. Does the roll on perfume work like the spray perfumes? 

Roll on perfumes are better than the normal spraying perfumes despite low diffusion. The rollerball of the roll on perfume can easily be applied anywhere and at any time near your pulse points. Though they don’t exhale a powerful fragrance in the air once applied they still last longer than the spraying ones. 


7. Are body mists different from perfumes? 

Yes. Body mists are different from perfumes. Body mists are meant to be applied directly on the skin. They contain less concentration levels of essential oils and tend to slip into the list of skincare products. This is largely due to their skin benefiting and hydrating features. Body mists have a shorter life cycle where perfumes can last upto 6 to 8 hours. 


8. Which is the most long lasting and powerful perfume for men? 

Eau de parfum also known as EDP are the most powerful, strong and long lasting perfumes for men. This is due to the intensity and high percentage of essential oils diluted with alcohol or water. They are the strongest type of perfumes available for purchase worldwide. It has in total up to 15 to 20 percent of concentrated fragrance oil that defines the perfume’s scent and longevity. 


9. Is a perfume a luxury product? 

Perfumes are available in different types and to suit every pocket they are divided as per budget. The price of perfumes in India starts from 500 and can enter into the luxury price range that can reach upto 10,000. Different countries produce an array of perfumes to suit every taste of the consumers. Remember the price of the perfumes are largely dependent upon the concentrated essentials oils that are pure and luxe in nature. 


10. What type of perfume do women use? 

Women are more inclined towards purchasing sweet and floral perfumes. They also purchase perfumes that are extracted from fruits and spices. Usually, women do not use strong fragrant perfumes like men.


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