Calvin Klein Is Only One of the Name Brands Closing Denver Fashion Week. Find Out Who the Rest Are.

Calvin Klein Is Only One of the Name Brands Closing Denver Fashion Week. Find Out Who the Rest Are.

Outlets at Castle Rock will close out Denver Fashion Week with a show at the Forney Museum of Transportation on Sunday, April 10 at 4 p.m. The theme of the night will be “Lifestyle” and will feature everyday looks for style-conscious Coloradans from all walks of life.

Outlets at Castle Rock is an open-air outlet shopping destination with over 100 of the world’s most popular brands sold at a discounted price. The outlets have attracted customers who search for the best items at the lowest prices.

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Lifestyle Night: What to Expect

The outlets will feature 91 looks from 11 different brands for Lifestyle Night. This will be a first for Denver Fashion Week, as it is new for big name brands like COACH and Calvin Klein to be featured on the runway.

When doors of the Forney Museum open at 4 p.m., ticket holders will be treated to a cocktail hour and have the opportunity to enter their names into a giveaway. Once audience members find their seats, they’ll find a $25 voucher for Outlets at Castle Rock on their chairs. After a high-energy runway show, the night will conclude with a name-drawing for the giveaway items. The outlets will give away $3,000 worth of merchandise.

“We have a ton of giveaways we’re going to do on Lifestyle Night,” Aimee Blauvelt, Senior Marketing Manager of Outlets at Castle Rock, said. “We’re excited to give away designer bags from brands like COACH and Kate Spade.”

Outlets at Castle Rock, Denver Fashion Week

Name Brands on the Runway

Peggy Ziglin, Public Relations and Tourism Director for Outlets of Colorado, will style all 91 looks to represent both brand image and Colorado lifestyle. Ziglin has styled looks for the fashion industry since the beginning of her career and is now President of Fashion Guru, LLC. She has also presented fashion segments for Outlets at Castle Rock on news programs such as Fox 21 News and The Kathie J Show.

Blauvelt collaborated with Ziglin to create a vision for Lifestyle Night.

“It doesn’t matter your gender, size or skin tone. We’re excited to present that we have everything for everyone,” Blauvelt said.

Outlets at Castle Rock, Denver Fashion Week

As for the runway show, Ziglin couldn’t be more excited to deliver looks from popular name brands for Denver Fashion Week.

“People love these brands,” Ziglin said. “The brands we’re presenting really are the most popular brands that people shop for, especially in the Colorado area.”

With spring trends trickling into the stores, Ziglin is pulling the latest and greatest merchandise the brands have to offer. We have compiled a roundup of each name brand and what we can expect to see from them at Denver Fashion Week.

Calvin Klein

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein

Ziglin plans to style Calvin Klein with its upscale, tailored brand image in mind, while also keeping it casual. With these looks, it will be all about the details. Whether it’s a middle tuck of a shirt or cuffed sleeves on a top, the looks will represent the cool, tasteful customers that Calvin Klein caters to.

“They’re always going to have a clean and fresh line. That’s who they are,” Ziglin said.


Outlets at Castle Rock, Nike, Denver Fashion Week

Nike’s appeal to Coloradan athletes will be at the center of this section of looks. Whether it be hiking apparel, running shoes or sports gear, Nike products cover all aspects of an athletic lifestyle.

“They know how to cater to every athletic love or passion,” Ziglin said.

Ziglin will style the looks according to Nike’s specialties, innovative athleisure style and iconic shoes. She also said she hopes to incorporate pieces she’s seen in the store that she deemed “unexpected” for Nike. Whatever surprises might be in store, she will stick to the brand’s image by highlighting its eccentric color schemes.

“Nike is a fun and flashy brand,” Ziglin said. “I see neons when I talk Nike.”


Photo courtesy of Adidas

Also known for their athletic shoes and athleisure apparel, Adidas will step onto the runway with something for the whole family.

Ziglin said she plans to show how every member of the family can style Adidas gear by featuring the brand’s men’s, women’s and children’s apparel. In contrast to Nike’s flashes of color, we can expect more neutral tones from these looks.


Photo courtesy of Guess

Based in L.A., GUESS is a global lifestyle brand for men and women of all ages. The brand is always looking ahead to upcoming trends, which is why it appeals to modern and trend-conscious individuals. Ziglin will feature GUESS looks on men, women and kids.


Photo courtesy of Coach

Known for its luxurious bags and leather goods, COACH will bring its high-quality products to Lifestyle Night. Ziglin will show off the ever-changing color stories of COACH with their newest products, and possibly some from their collaboration line with Disney.

“Their thematic lines grasp at you,” Ziglin said about the merchandise she’s seen in the store location at Outlets at Castle Rock.

J. Crew

Photo courtesy of J. Crew

J. Crew possesses a chic quality that attracts preppy customers. Ziglin described the brand as fresh, clean and perfect for those with classy style.

For Lifestyle Night, she will present coordinating mother-daughter looks from J. Crew’s Mini-me Shop on three pairs of actual mother-daughter models.

Columbia Sportswear

Outlets at Castle Rock, Denver Fashion Week

“The Columbia brand is known for its outdoor lifestyle, which is Colorado to a T,” Ziglin said. 

Based in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear specializes in innovative outdoor gear. Ziglin will style looks suitable for all adventurous Coloradans, from kids to adults.

Kate Spade

Photo courtesy of Kate Spade

Kate Spade will grace the runway with feminine tops and sundresses for the spring season. Of course, a Kate Spade look wouldn’t be complete without their popular bags. Not only will Kate Spade bags be displayed on the runway, but two will also be included in the giveaway at the end of the night.

“Kate Spade is a store you walk into and you smile,” Ziglin said. She went on to say that the brand knows how to use colors that pop out at the customer, which is why so many women favor the brand.


Outlets at Castle Rock, Denver Fashion Week

Boardriders carries a vast selection of swimwear and apparel for men and women from popular brands like Billabong, Roxy and Quiksilver. For those who plan to hang by the water as it gets warmer, Boardriders has trend-forward products to suit your needs.

Ziglin has especially enjoyed styling Boardriders merchandise for various segments because it’s perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Items like overalls and knit hats have recently caught her attention in the store.

Vera Bradley

Outlets at Castle Rock, Vera Bradley, Denver Fashion Week

Vera Bradley is a name that conjures up images of swirling floral patterns on quilted cotton. Ziglin plans to have these iconic patterns stand on their own by dressing the models in neutral-colored unitards. As they strut down the runway, they will be accessorized with bright backpacks, bags, beach towels and scarves.

“It’s going to stand out,” Ziglin said. “It will just be those patterns that really grab you.”

7 For All Mankind

Photo courtesy of 7 For All Mankind

Ziglin will play to the 7 For All Mankind’s strengths by showcasing their well-known denim. The brand follows denim trends very closely, which is seen in their products for both men and women. It is perfect for the denim enthusiasts of Colorado looking for their next pair of jeans.

Purchase tickets for the DFW Lifestyle runway show on April 10 at the Forney Museum of Transportation and visit the official Denver Fashion Week website for more information about the weeklong event.

All photos courtesy of Outlets at Castle Rock, unless otherwise noted.