Choose from range of sultry, floral and classic scents

Choose from range of sultry, floral and classic scents

The perfume one wears reflects a lot about one’s personality.

The fragrance of a perfume is personal and something that has the potential to tell a lot about the personality of the person. One whiff of a scent has the power to evoke a lot of emotions in a person – from making one feel nostalgic about a place or person to boosting the level of well-being and confidence. So, a considerable thought should go into choosing that one fragrance that can always boost your mood and become your statement wear perfume.

Also, it is hard to explain but the bottle in which a perfume comes packed in is also a great catch. As some say that the fragrance should not only be soothing for senses, but also come in a stellar bottle that can look good on one’s dressing table. So, we navigated through a list of options available online and rounded up a few of them in our favourites below. The scents range from sultry, classic, spicy to sophisticated to meet the requirements of every personality type.

Best perfumes for women at a glance:

Best perfume for women Price
Carlton London Eau de Parfum 990.00 
Guess Seductive Eau de Toilette 2,593.00
Fogg I Am Queen Scent 595.00 
Bryan & Candy No Gas Perfume 599.00
Engage L’amante Sunkissed Eau De Parfum 849.00

Carlton London Eau de Parfum

This perfume from Carlton London comes infused with an aromatic floral fragrance. Its notes include Lavender, Bergamot, Mandarin, Musk, Jasmine, among others. It proves invigorating for the senses and also elevates one’s confidence level. Besides, it comes packaged in a supremely stylish bottle that will certainly amp up the look of your dressing table. 


Carlton London Women Limited Edition Blush Eau de Parfum- 100 ml


Rs 990

Rs 2,190

Guess Seductive Eau de Toilette

This perfume for women has a sultry fragrance. One whiff of it and it will unleash the magic of setting one’s mood right. It evokes femininity and charm, and promotes the feeling of immense confidence. Its notes include Cardamon, Mandarin pulp, Vanilla Orchid, Vetiver, Skin Musk etc. Besides, the packaging is also of excelling quality.


Guess Seductive Women Eau de Toilette 75 ml


Rs 2,593

Rs 3,990

Fogg I Am Queen Scent

The fragrance notes of this perfume includes Ginger, bitter orange, Rose, Jasmine etc. Its pleasant scent lingers on for long, keeping you feeling upbeat and enthusiastic. There are chances you will get a lot of ‘what scent are you wearing’ from people. Besides, it comes in a nice bottle. It can be your go-to everyday wear perfume.


Fogg I Am Queen Scent For Women, 100ml


Rs 595

Rs 599

Bryan & Candy No Gas Perfume

Wrap yourself in the rich fragrance of this perfume that will delight you to no end. It is available in many different scents, allowing you to choose one as per your personality. A long-lasting and lingering fragrance, this perfume comes with the promise of keeping you fresh all day long. From fruity to spicy, you can take your pick in the range of fragrance available in it.


Bryan & Candy NewYork Tropical Fling Fragrance Body Mist Spray for Women (250ml) No Gas Perfume


Rs 599

Rs 750

Engage L’amante Sunkissed Eau De Parfum

Love the magic of floral fragrances? Well, then this could be for you. With fruity, citrusy notes that smell of Jasmine, Tuberose and Sandalwood, this alluring and enchanting fragrance is perfect for summer to keep you cool and fresh. You can spritz this scent both on your skin directly or on clothes.


Engage L’amante Sunkissed Eau De Parfum for Women, Floral, Long Lasting and Premium, Skin Friendly, 100ml


Rs 849

Rs 999

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