Costumes! Jewellery! Costume Jewellery? Glamorous looks and Accessories, on Film!

Costumes! Jewellery! Costume Jewellery? Glamorous looks and Accessories, on Film!

Our standard inventive specialist, Elizabeth Ertel, provides us a tour of the best seems to be!

Gentlemen Choose Blondes 1953

Marilyn Monroe

I basically adore darling Marilyn and usually will. Moreover the actuality that she and my mum share the similar day of birth, they share the similar identify.

Let’s chat about the topic music,” Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Properly, perhaps they do not substitute lovely friendships, they do carry gentle to one’s eyes and coronary heart lol  YES You should.  Oh , I digress, the song is beyond fabulous!  ” Tiffany’s, Cartier, Black Star, Frost Gorme, Talk to me Harry Winston”!  I adore singing this and properly throw everyone off when they hear me…

Marilyn appears further than incredible in this pink robe and sounds merely amazing!

I do admit that my fav of hers in The Seven  Year Itch for its innocent pleasant tale and acting.

Generally in my coronary heart treasured Marilyn

Pal Joey 1957

Rita Hayworth

Such a enjoyable movie with, of class ,  Frank Sinatra, Kim Novack and Gene Kelly. How could this gem ever are unsuccessful!

Rita sings “Bewitched , Bothered and Bewildered “. What red blooded man would not be  intrigued?  This 1 I adore to sing and do have a great deal of pleasurable singing this fun and incredibly attractive outdated tune.

Rita  looks divine in her yellow night attire  .

Rita: ever the wonderful redhead bombshell. (Editor observe: was Rita in fact examine-headed, even though?!) 😉 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1961

Audrey Hepburn

Truly speechless each time I view her perform!  I just viewed ” Sabrina” the other night time. So youthful in this purpose and beautifully acted.

Back to Breakfast at Tiffany’s for heaven sake female!

Slice to “Moon River” if you will. Legendary, sweet, soulful and breaks everyone’s heart .  Wonderfully luscious to sing…if I can do it with no a tear or two.

Now onto the beautiful Audrey.  Bear in mind all those black sunglasses she dawned so gloriously?

Audrey was constantly the inspiration for each and every woman to individual and rock a (LBD)  Little black dress . Gotcha there!

I do acknowledge that I have additional than after  enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany’s in New York City. Typically consisted of a heavenly cafe au lait and a croissant while on the lookout  in the window in advance of heading in to store a little bit.  Oh Holly Golightly!

Audrey, how you inspire us to this working day with your writings and acting. Generally innovative and  beautiful. We  thank you

To Catch a Thief 1955

Grace Kelly

Cary Grant

Sorry but I just had to include the attractive, gorgeously ( is that a word)  it is now ,  devilishly handsome gentleman actor.

Back again to the chic Grace, if you you should, Elizabeth 

Grace does not will need a divine wardrobe as she could put on a potato sack and look splendid. Owning explained that ,  Edith Head and only Edith Head, could have made Grace’s yummy wardrobe.

The renowned ball scene the place Grace wears a outside of stupendous  necklace was essentially rented for the scene in which it is stolen.  I could get a duplicate of this wonderful necklace, yay me!

Outstanding performing, film score and oh a single very little detail

Alfred Hitchock directed this enchanting film.  

Princess Grace , you have always been a person of my idols . Thank you for all that you have specified us with your design and ” grace”

Cinderella  The Musical 1957  – Mary Poppins 1964

Julie Andrews

We require to produce a ebook about  Julie’s amazing body of do the job, really do not we!

This was offered to me  a though in the past , I was asked to duet ” Ten Minutes Ago”.

I immediately fell madly in adore with the tune!  These types of an honour and oh it came out beautiful. I give myself shivers.  More on that quickly!

Julie appeared like the princess that she portrayed oh so beautifully !

Beautiful costumes and of class the a person and only Julie Andrews!

Thank you Julie for the “spoonful of sugar”

A person closing thought on my picks …

Unfortunate but legitimate

All of these impressive actresses are gone but one particular who still burns oh so shiny.

Julie Andrews , bless you and might you dwell for quite a few far more glorious years.

Thank you , females for offering us with just the ideal of the very best several years of  stunning performing, singing and fab films.

Oh but there is additional!  Stay tuned for the up coming instalment of my meandering views .

Significant adore to all!