Fashion trends 2022: the key styles to shop for this season

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The fashion trends 2022 has to offer will reinvigorate your wardrobe. From bright colors to artisanal detailing, this season is all about rediscovering the joy clothes and accessories can bring.

With the sun making a more regular appearance, now’s the time to truly embrace the fashion trends for 2022. With something to suit every taste and shape, this season really does have it all. When it comes to new season trends, the trick is to work out which styles you can weave into your existing capsule wardrobe. This helps to refresh your wardrobe essentials, such as your best blazer, and give them a directional feel. With a busy summer ahead, that’s hopefully packed full of occasions and travel, our best loungewear has finally been relegated and we’re excited about the wave of newness that has swept both designer and straight-to-market brands.