Jeweler teases brides over what their rings say about them

Jeweler teases brides over what their rings say about them

This hilarious bridal shade has a ring of truth to it. 

Diamond hawker Cullen Jewelry is virally assessing brides-to-be with a cheeky evaluation of their personalities primarily based on the characteristics and cuts of their engagement rings. 

“Engagement rings and what they say about you, let us go,” exclaimed a Cullen digital ambassador in a trending TikTok write-up, which has shined up a stunning 1.3 million views. 

“The spherical solitaire: You’re vintage. You love designer, you adore the finer points in existence. You also love obtaining beverages with the girls on the weekend,” teased the jibing jewel skilled, from Melbourne, Australia.

“But, you are also the mom of the team and require to be back again in bed by 9 p.m.,” she ongoing.

Cullen Jewellery goes viral with hilarious appraisals of a bride's personality based on her engagement ring.
Cullen Jewelry goes viral with hilarious appraisals of a bride’s identity based on her engagement ring.

The Cullen rep — a saucy, younger brunette with serious bling proficiently — went on the joke that a wife rocking an oval trilogy ring is likely a meticulously arranged mother of 3, who drives a Range Rover and throws “great household get-togethers.”

She also pegged a woman with a pear-formed ring outfitted in a diamond-encrusted halo as “an unproblematic queen,” who’s received the kindest heart and a coffee habit. 

And for the sweethearts donning the rectangular radiant pave ring, the virtual evaluator decided, “You’re the primary character. You really don’t check with to be — it just simply just falls on you.”

The jewel expert wittily detailed the good and bad qualities of a woman according to the cut of her diamond.
The jewel specialist wittily in depth the superior and lousy traits of a lady according to the slash of her diamond.

She quipped, having said that, “You give terrific guidance, but you just don’t take it on your own.”

And blushing brides on the web entirely agreed with the excellent-natured carats-to-character appraisal.  

“Okay, but why was mine so exact #coffeeaddict,” confessed a lady who presumably sports a pear-halo diamond. 

“Main character,” admitted one lady.

“Mine is the [oval trilogy ring], and [her assessment] describes me to a tee,” penned a different, punctuating her comment with the surprised emoji. 

Social media viewers were stunned by the hilarious accuracy of the ring-to-personality assessment.
Social media viewers were stunned by the hilarious precision of the ring-to-persona evaluation.

In a observe-up post, the gem know-it-all stated a lady with the marquise-shaped slice is: “Confident. You’re a purely natural chief and everyone appears to be to you for steerage.”

She added, “You also carry close to an emotional support water bottle.”

And soon after poking far more fun at brides with trilogy rings, and generating wisecracks about the astrology-loving ladies sporting an elongated cushion solitaire, the Cullen comedienne had a go at fiancées with colored stone rings. 

“You like nature and experience, you enjoy animals and you ideal feel you are gonna locate a way to involve your pet in your wedding.”