Men’s Fashion Trends 2023: 11 Trends You’ll Want To Wear Right Now

Men’s Fashion Trends 2023: 11 Trends You’ll Want To Wear Right Now

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In the ever-evolving world of style, it can be hard to recognize the men’s fashion trends for 2023 that could work for you. You want to look current, but also be true to your personal style. You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Plenty of your favorite designers and brands have charted their course for 2023, be it through fashion show runways or targeted advertising campaigns (you may have been served a few on your Instagram feed). In a few words, there’s no one defining style for 2023 in the menswear world, but plenty of diverse ways to amp up your wardrobe in a unique way—that goes for fans of athleisure, Western wear and workwear, too. In one sweeping trend, supersized silhouettes are making going-out wear as comfortable as joggers. We also love the resurgence of ’80s and ’90s collections that brands are bringing back for more fun the second time around. 

There’s no need to stress over shopping the top men’s trends, if you consult our guide, remain curious and follow through with confidence. Without further ado, these are the 2023 men’s fashion trends we’re loving already. 

Tailoring Loosens Up

The past decade-plus brought about a sea change in men’s suiting, there’s no denying it.  If you kept a weather eye out, you often came across razor-sharp, super-slim suits everywhere from Thom Browne to J. Crew.

Next year though, things are loosening up ever-so-slightly for next year (if collections from the likes of designer Willy Chavarria are any indication, for example). So, think fits with more room to move—remember that more relaxed clothes can still be tailored to the proper length while following acceptable menswear rules. 

Think back to old-school suits of the ’40s and ’50s—silhouettes were more relaxed but weren’t baggy or sloppy. Much the same appears to be on the horizon for 2023. 

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of J.Crew.

This plaid jacket gives a traditional blazer a preppy twist. Don’t be afraid to size up and layer it over a denim shirt (as pictured) or a sweater.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Zara.

A simple oversized blazer will always look cool when paired with jeans and dress shoes. For the colder months, layer it over a turtleneck and then switch to a t-shirt when things start to warm up.


mens fashion trends 2023 Mens Fashion Trends 2023: 11 Looks Youll Want To Wear Right Now

Ralph Lauren/LL Bean.

Say Hello to the ‘80s and ‘90s

Fashion is cyclical, often to the extreme, and if it’s jarring to think about styles from the ‘90s being mined for trend inspiration, join the club. Big-name long-running brands like L.L. Bean—a company as popular now as it’s ever been – already welcomed back the 1990s with archive collections last year, and those throwback styles aren’t going anywhere any time soon. 

What can you expect? Among other things, be on the lookout for color-blocked designs in vivid shades, just like your mom wore to take you to the park way back in the day. That goes for everything from outerwear to sportswear, like Ralph Lauren’s iconic (and very much en vogue) logo polo shirt. And that’s another thing: Logos are back in a big way, and the more visible, the better. 

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Quiksilver.

This Quiksilver jacket came straight from the brand’s 1986 archive so it’s as authentic as it gets. You may even notice that it made an appearance in the latest season of Stranger Things since the show worked directly with Quiksilver.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Vallon.

These aviator sunglasses were inspired by retro ’80s surf style and bring all the vintage feels with the benefit of modern polarized lenses.

Go Back to the Wild West In 2023

To go forwards in matters of style, you’ve got to go back–and you don’t need a Delorean to do it. As with the rugged #menswear revival of the mid-aughts, styles that merge functionality and toughness are roaring back in a big way – and none moreso than Western wear. 

Perhaps you’ve seen Western wear on the likes of Phoebe Bridgers–it’s a style that can work for just about anyone, whether you prefer an ornately stitched shirt or some hard-wearing Western boots. The style is pleasantly retro, from another era and yet perfectly suited to today’s more casual standards of dressing. 

Put it this way: When you want a change of pace from an Oxford shirt or a lightweight spring chambray shirt, an eye-catching shirt with characteristic Western snaps and stitching is an on-trend move to try out. 

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Banana Republic.

This Banana Republic jacket has a Western undertone without feeling too thematic. I love how the pockets and cuffs are even lined with corduroy detailing.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Ariat.

It’s time to ditch the Chelsea boots and opt for a Western boot instead. These will add a little country flair to any outfit.

Bigger Is Better In the World of Men’s Pants

If you’ve spent any time online in the past month or so, perhaps you heard a buzzing in the distance, the chatter of the much-hyped (and very cool) “return” of J. Crew under new creative director Brendon Babenzien. 

While one collection from one brand is but a taste of what’s to come, there was one item in particular from J. Crew’s fall collection that sent #menswear Twitter into a frenzy: The J. Crew Giant Chino, the brand’s widest fit and an homage to the ’90s.

Notably, while slim or slim-straight pants are nearly always flattering on many guys, more relaxed styles in the pants department are having a major moment. 

Again, think relaxed but don’t go baggy or sloppy—take your proper pant size, pair them with some footwear that delivers some bulk (chunky loafers or combat boots, anyone?) and be prepared to field more than a few compliments and questions about this new (old) breed of pants. 

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of J. Crew.

Whether you go for khaki, green, navy or black, you can’t go wrong with the J. Crew giant chinos. Chances are, once you try them you’ll want to get them in multiple colors.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Lululemon.

Lululemon is one of the best places to buy workout gear but did you know it’s also one of the best places to buy everyday pants? This pair of wide-leg pants are guaranteed to be durable and comfortable.

Anything Goes with Athleisure in 2023

Stop us if you’ve heard this one (or something like it) before: Between the pandemic and a massive shift to working from home, casual performance menswear took center stage in 2020, and 2021, and 2022. And yes, as far as men’s fashion trends for 2023 are concerned, those performance menswear picks aren’t going anywhere. 

Perhaps you find yourself now wearing a crewneck sweatshirt or a stretch merino tee on the daily—at home on Zoom or back in the office from time to time. And perhaps you’ve foregone dress trousers in favor of stretch chino pants with a concealed drawstring waistband (belt no longer required). 

Mainstream brands like Public Rec and upscale trendsetters like the famed John Elliott are going beyond the gym in a big way in that regard, but no one will be any the wiser that you’re actually insanely comfortable, not stuffed into pre-pandemic-era dress pants. 

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Vuori.

If you haven’t already bought a pair of Vuori pants, you definitely should. Each pair is designed for daily wear and sporty activities so you’ll find pants that balance being fashionable and functional.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Everlane.

If your sweatshirt has fraternity letters, holes, stains or frayed edges then it’s clearly been well-loved and also clearly shouldn’t be worn outside the house. A crewneck sweatshirt (stain free) is totally stylish to wear out and about. I love this one from Everlane.

Crossover Shoes Blur The Line Between Dressy and Casual

It used to be, shoes were clearly separated into easily identifiable categories. Dress shoes, work boots, athletic sneakers, perhaps casual sneakers, all easy to define, right? But when something in the menswear tides shifts and then continues to stick around, it’s definitely a trend worth noting and wearing as one of the best 2023 men’s fashion trends, naturally.

What do we mean by that? Well, where once you had your favorite pair of sneakers and a separate, favorite pair of boots, for instance, those styles are now being mashed up in ever-more impressive ways. 

Call them “sneaker boots” or “hybrid shoes,” but whether it’s Cole Haan infusing dress shoes with athletic technology or Loewe making some insanely cool hiking sneakers, it’s never been easier to find shoes that sit in the middle of two opposites sides of a footwear Venn diagram. 

There’s still a time and a place for classic sneakers and lace-up boots, to be sure, but if you want to put some spring in your step—all the while wearing kicks that team nicely with those new joggers—then hybrid footwear should be your go-to move for 2023.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Cole Haan.

This pair of Cole Haan boots are the perfect example of a hybrid shoe. The tread has a sporty sneaker-like design while the rest of the boot looks dressy. These work for the office just as well as weekend outings.

STYLECASTER | Mens Fashion Trends 2023

Courtesy of Onitsuka Tiger.

I would consider these shoes dress sneakers. With the leather body and suede toe wrap, they are too formal to wear to the gym (and probably wouldn’t provide much support) but they’re nice enough to wear in a work setting or for long walks in the city.

Your Polo Is Now A Sweater–Or Is It A Polo? Why Not Both? 

While some trends are more pervasive on a macro level, taking over entire categories of menswear, others are a bit more niche–yet, your wardrobe is all the better for it. Take the polo, for instance. Once a classically preppy item available in bright colors and often featuring a chest logo, the polo is now a bit more polished. 

You’ll still find classic options in textured slub cotton or cotton pique, but knit polos are all the rage. That means your polo might now more closely resemble a sweater and be called a sweater polo, as with Todd Snyder’s luxe options, or it might more simply be called a knit polo, like Ted Baker’s retro-leaning knit polos

The point is, the polo is leveling up in a way that harkens back to the ’50s or ’60s, in the best way possible. Knit polos drape cleanly, they offer a touch more warmth on breezy nights than a traditional polo, and they’re both sharp enough for the office, and ritzy enough for a night on the town. 

men's fashion trends

Todd Snyder.

men's fashion trends

Ted Baker.

Military-Inspired Styles Are Bigger and Bolder Than Ever

There are some trends that tend to ebb and flow, but never quite leave the menswear world: trends that blend the classic and the modern with a sort of timeless, rugged appeal. The military has long been a source of both inspiration and real-world practicality for fashion designers and the general public, with good reason. 

After all, styles like the chino, aviator sunglasses and the white tee were standard-issue items for soldiers before they were worn by the public at large. That shows no signs of letting up this year–witness the fact that Randolph Engineering, first contracted to make aviator sunglasses for the military, is now working with preeminent American fashion designer Todd Snyder on a collection of frames, for instance. 

Styles like Alpha Industries’ classic M-65 field jacket are more popular and useful than ever, too. And it doesn’t hurt that you can wear a full #OOTD of military-inspired style essentials, from the combat boot to the chino, a white tee and a field jacket, and look cool as can be. 

Randolph Sunglasses x Todd Snyder

Randolph x Todd Snyder Sunglasses.

Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries.

‘80s-Style Denim Is Still Very Much “In”

No, you’re not dreaming right now, nor did you just hop out of a DeLorean outfitted with a flux capacitor: The ‘80s are here to stay, especially in the world of men’s denim. You needn’t layer up your denim jacket with a red vest a la Marty McFly, but look for a distinct throwback flair to stick around for a while in terms of your denim rotation. 

Slim or slim-straight fits are going to be flattering on plenty of guys when it comes to stylish jeans, but as with chinos and tailoring, things are loosening up ever so slightly – and the wash of your new denim is going to be a touch on the lighter side, too. Take Everlane’s straight fit light wash jean: It’s tasteful, it’s looser without being overly baggy, and the light wash harkens back to the days of yesteryear without overdoing it. 

Men's fashion trends 2023


Workwear Takes Center Stage–At Home and In the Office

The term workwear was once a catch-all for clothing you could actually wear to get down to real, rough-and-tumble work – denim was the original “workwear” fabric, found in chore coats and five-pocket pants worn first largely in France, then eventually across the Western U.S. Now, plenty of brands are turning workwear into a hybrid between tailoring and actual, well, old-school workwear. 

That means your blazer might actually look more like a chore coat (just check out what brands like Alex Mill are doing), and that means that your canvas Dickies pants are back in a major way, found in skateparks and the world’s hippest neighborhoods. And if you happen to work in a casual office or co-working space (or simply your favorite coffee shop), you can rock workwear from day into night, even if your job doesn’t involve manual labor. 

Workwear styles of today are casually cool and rugged, with enough easygoing appeal to keep you comfortable in breezy weather, and enough room for layering to handle cold temperatures, too. Add a few styles to your wardrobe and get to “work” right now. 

men's fashion trends

Alex Mill.

men's fashion trends 2023


The Standard Style Staple is a Fresh Move for Warm Weather

The white tee was once primarily worn as an undershirt, and seldom seen on the big screen or in public, until guys like Marlon Brando and James Dean paired it with dark jeans and leather jackets, changing the archetype of men’s style forever. Yes, that’s lofty praise, but those looks made an impact for a reason: Ever-so-slightly rugged, a touch edgy and just plain, well, cool. 

The white T-shirt has been redone in major ways in recent years, so much so that you can actually wear a white (or off-white tee) on its own without looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. We can’t all look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick wearing a white tee, but brands like Buck Mason are making the style look better than ever.

Case in point: The Buck Mason Pima Curved Hem Tee boasts the company’s signature curved hem, a flattering detail that takes the tee from undershirt territory into a style you can wear on its own. Plus, a range of dusty colors and soft fabric means the standard tee (especially from Buck Mason) has more variety than in days gone by. For good measure, iconic brands like British outfitter Sunspel are making the white T-shirt into a luxurious style staple–one that’s worth the splurge.

men's fashion trends

Buck Mason.

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