On Cloudnova Shoes Review – SI Showcase

On Cloudnova Shoes Review – SI Showcase

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Key features and specs:

  • CloudTec cushioning
  • Speedboard underfoot
  • Padded heel with customizable lacing
  • Designed for everyday wear
  • Size range: Men’s seven to 14 | Women’s five to 11

On has become quite the brand to watch in the world of running shoes and trail running shoes, offering a selection of supportive, stylish and well-engineered sneakers. On’s entire line of On cloud shoes is known for their exceptional cushioning and, according to On, are specifically designed to revolutionize running with soft landings and explosive take-offs. With research indicating that a high level of cushioning may improve running performance, On shoes have quickly grown in popularity.

While the line of On running-based shoes is established, it was not until recently that On developed a shoe designed to be an everyday sneaker—the Cloudnova. These all-day walking sneakers are infused with the same performance technology On is known and loved for with a stylish flair. Finding that ideal sneaker that will keep you comfortable, supported and looking fresh all-day long can be difficult. Could the Cloudnova be the unicorn you have been searching for? To find out, keep reading this in-depth review of the Cloudnova where we will explore everything you need to know about these stylish kicks.

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What Are On Cloudnovas?

On developed the Cloudnovas with the intention to provide a shoe that combined performance, technology and style and would support everyday, all-day wear. The Cloudnova features On’s pride and joy, its patented CloudTec technology that the company has engineered to provide cushioning and multi-directional compression in order to provide a soft landing and punchy take-offs.

Studies have suggested that a higher level of cushioning can protect against the repetitive loading of the musculoskeletal system, thereby decreasing injuries in recreational runners. This may also mean that more cushioned shoes generally feel more comfortable. But the Cloudnova has more than just the CloudTec technology. It is also constructed with On’s signature Speedboard.

The Speedboard is a liquid-injected plate of thermoplastic polymer located between the midsole and upper. It works in conjunction with the Cloudtec cushioning so that the Cloudtec soles soften the landing of each footfall and compress while the Speedboard loads with energy, flexes and releases to create a propulsion forward. In addition, Cloudnova comes with rubber reinforcements that support the natural rolling motion of the foot to keep you moving with good form. And the roomy toe box allows for natural swelling that occurs after spending time on your feet.

Suffice to say, this engineering not only feels comfy but also supports your natural footfall. In fact, some users have stated that the Cloudnova is the best all-day wear trainers they have ever owned and an overall great shoe. Should you feel the urge to hop on the treadmill for a bit of exercise, Cloudnova has the technology and support for this as well. And when it comes to aesthetics, On hit the nail on the head. Available in nine colorway options for men and ten for women, the Cloudnova is on trend with today’s fashion.

On Cloudnova Models

Beyond the standard On Cloudnova model, there are a few slight variations on the shoe that are available. 

On Cloudnova Form

The Cloudnova Form is a minimalist sneaker featuring a Zero-Gravity foam, wide outsole and Speedboard. It has a lower silhouette best suited for shorter runs, general training sessions and everyday use.

Cloudnova Z5

The Z5 is a limited-edition sneaker with a sleek, monochrome upper and Icelandic blue heel and toe. The upper is an ultra-thin mesh typically seen on track shoes. This shoe is available for On members only. Becoming an On member is free, it just means that you signed up for an account on the site with a login and password and have provided your email for promotions.

On Cloudnova Wrap

This women’s-exclusive sneaker features a ribbon lacing system to deliver a tailored fit. As with the Cloudnova, the Wrap style has CloudTec cushioning and the signature Speedboard but this model is designed for a woman’s foot with a snugger fit.

On Cloudnova Undyed

The Cloudnova Undyed comes equipped with the same specs and technology as the Cloudnova but is a completely white shoe. It also has an inner sock construction.

On Cloudnova Form Titanite

This limited-edition Cloudnova sneaker was inspired by the rarest gem found in the Swiss Alps. Specifically engineered for travel, the Form Titanite also features CloudTec, Speedboard and a form-fitting upper.

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Who On Cloudnovas Are Best For

According to On, these shoes are best suited as an everyday shoe for urban outings and walking.

Who On Cloudnovas Are Not Best For

If you are looking for a running-specific shoe, the Cloudnovas may not be for you. They do boast features seen in On running shoes but are specifically engineered for everyday wear so may not support sustained running. Additionally, these sneakers have a mid-cut bootie which may feel awkward to some users, especially when running. A few reviewers found this cut to uncomfortably rub against the ankle.

The inner sock and unique heel-tongue requires a little more effort when putting the shoes on. If you’re looking for quick transitions in and out of a shoe, these may not be ideal.

The Pros of On Cloudnovas

  • Effectively combines comfort and style
  • High-level of cushioning
  • Best suited for everyday wear
  • Very lightweight
  • Does not require a break-in period for most users

The Cons of On Cloudnovas

  • Expensive
  • Mid-cut bootie may feel uncomfortable to some
  • May run a tad small

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing On Cloudnovas

Before deciding on the Cloudnova, it is important to really understand its tech profile. Here we will outline some key features you should be aware of before making your purchase.


The Cloudnova boasts a mesh upper designed for maximum breathability with a strategic weaving in high-mobility areas for added reinforcement. The Cloudnova also has an inner sock which is intended for improved comfort. Not every reviewer liked this inner sock layer which reportedly can be tricky to get into.

Color options

Color options are dependent on if you are purchasing the men’s or women’s version. The women’s version is available in 10 colors: black/eclipse, white/limelight, all white, white/cobalt, eclipse/meadow, navy/white, white/glacier, cream/camo, phantom/white and white/pearl. Men can choose from nine color options: black/eclipse, white/limelight, all white, eclipse/meadow, navy/white, phantom/white, white/red, silver/orange and white/mineral.

Sizing options

Men’s shoe sizes range from seven to 14 in half sizes; however, there is no 13.5 size. Women’s sizes range from size five to size 11 in half sizes. Neither line is available in a wide version and, since these sneakers inherently are designed to be snug, you should refer to the sizing chart to ensure they will fit.


The Cloudnova ranges in cost depending on the specific model. The Cloudnova, Cloudnova Undyed and Cloudnova Form Titanite sell for $159.99. The Cloudnova Form sells for $149.99 while the Cloudnova Z5 retails for $179.99. Finally, the Cloudnova Wrap sells for $169.99.


Shipping is free for purchases over $50.

Warranty and return policy

On offers a free 90-day return policy. The limited warranty only covers defects resulting from production or material errors in which case On provides a replacement for free.

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On Cloudnova Shoes FAQs

Do On Cloudnovas run big or small?

While most users found the On Cloudnova to run true to size, they are designed to fit snugly described by some as feeling a bit narrow. If you are debating between sizes, we recommend sizing up by half a size.

Are On Cloudnova good for standing?

The Cloudnova is engineered to support everyday, all-day wear. While their specs and technology place a heavy emphasis on performance, the truth is that these cushy shoes are just as comfortable when standing. Yes, they are responsive but they are also supportive. Combined with the ample cushioning, they make for great standing shoes.

Are On Cloudnovas better for running or walking?

The Cloudnova offers the best of both worlds when it comes to running and walking. As you now know, they are specifically geared for daily wear and adventures around town. Many users find them especially great when working long hours on their feet so they are high-quality walking shoes. But, they do have the same running technology found on other On running shoes lending themselves to some light running as well. That said, since that is not their intended purpose we recommend them for walking (and maybe the occasional jog).

How do you tie On Cloudnova shoes?

The new lacing system combines loops and straps to offer evenly-distributed pull when tying them. And I use the word tying loosely. The Cloudnova sneakers have a no-tie system with elastic laces that pull close. To tighten the laces, you can pull and tuck the end under the tongue.

How do you wash On Cloudnovas?

On recommends hand-washing your Cloudnova sneakers and avoiding the washing machine. Additionally, you can spot clean them after each use.

Do On Cloudnovas have arch support?

There is no specific arch support noted in the On Cloudnova. They are not designed to be a stability shoe so if you need a shoe with substantial arch support, the Cloudnova may not be for you.

Final Thoughts

On continues to deliver high-quality sneakers with ample cushioning that provide maximum comfort. The Cloudnova was released as its first everyday shoe and has quickly grown in popularity. Bringing together fashion and comfort, the Cloudnova borrows running technology from On’s line of running-specific shoes and is available in a slew of stylish color combinations. The result is a sneaker that is versatile, durable, on-trend and a fan favorite among On wearers.

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