Polish Jewellery Brand YES Goes Forward in Time in Spot Encouraging Women to Believe in the Future

Polish Jewellery Brand YES Goes Forward in Time in Spot Encouraging Women to Believe in the Future

Sure, a 41-year-old Polish jewellery model, presents its vision of a improved long term for all daughters. The publicity marketing campaign attracts on women’s hopes and voices versus the increasing intolerance and stereotypes in Poland, in which women of all ages shell out a high price for populist government and legislation.

Yes is an impartial jewellery corporation proven by a woman. Its staff members are primarily women of all ages, from top to base. The Polish mid-measurement brand name employed to stick to the ever more stereotypical canon of the sector’s idealized perfect design and style. Till final 12 months. In 2021, Indeed determined to no for a longer period remain insensitive to true social difficulties. Sad to say, for a couple several years, Poland has long gone backwards in relation to women’s rights. The nation is rated 23rd in the EU in terms of gender equality. Lately, the President of Poland appointed a Council for Bigger Instruction, Science, and Innovation, which involves eighteen males and not a one woman. In addition, the authorities led by the right-wing party has sturdy links to the country’s conservative Catholics and has also taken a swing at women’s legal rights, including the right to abortion since 2021. Yes does not take it. To manifest it, the brand has just introduced its daring marketing campaign in opposition to inequality. 

The plan – guiding the ‘I’m the future’ campaign is to really encourage women to think in on their own. Polish ladies have been going through injustices and stereotypes for years. Currently, they need to have to know they are the ones who come to a decision the fate of the long term. The generational bonds in between gals give ability. The mother passes on to her daughter the most valuable values like appreciate, toughness, and self-acceptance – of which heirloom jewelry can be a superb image. 

The new campaign, which is released a 12 months right after the previous, award-successful one particular, is set in approaching times. We see the future of the daughter – selected episodes from her lifetime until 2072. The heroine lives in Poland, a state free from the stereotypical perception of women’s roles. In the globe established by the model, acceptance and mutual respect are everyday occurrences. In 2030, she receives a toy auto, which is now seen as a toy that belongs to boys. We see her satisfied and protected though walking dwelling at night time, dealing with the kindness of a random gentleman. She supports her buddies for the duration of their non-heteronormative marriage ceremony, presented by a Catholic priest. We won’t see flying autos, autonomous houses, or humanoid robots there. It is the tale of an unconventional everywoman, from beginning to maturity, who at last, in 2072, will grow to be the head of the Polish govt. All of these conditions display that just about anything is feasible for a woman as very long as she believes in herself. Of course depicts a Poland where you can like whoever you want and start off a loved ones with them, currently being approved by everyone, including the Catholic Church. The Indeed ring is handed down from era to technology of ladies as a image of strength and a mission to establish self-confidence and fearlessness.

The marketing campaign made by 180heartbeats + Jung von Matt was released in November. In spreading an optimistic vision of the upcoming, Certainly is supported by Maja Ostaszewska (actress and social activist), Aleksandra Kwasniewska (journalist and the previous Polish president’s daughter), and Julia Sobczynska (model, finalist of the Television display “Top rated Design Poland”).