Remi Bader Used To Hate Summer Trends. Now She’s Feeling Sunnier.

If you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s time to change up your wardrobe, this is it. With summer on the horizon, and rain jackets being traded out for swimsuits, your closet could probably use an overhaul. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. Fashion guru Remi Bader, known for her realistic clothing hauls on TikTok, spills the tea on her favorite 2022 summer trends, as well as the ones she’s passing on, so you’ll know whether your 2021 (or even pre-pandemmy) clothes still pass the TikTok vibe check.

The content creator left the corporate world behind to carve out a place for herself in the world of fashion influencing, and has been making big moves ever since. In February 2022, Bader was named a brand ambassador and size consultant for Victoria’s Secret, working to help the brand become more inclusive. Now she’s teaming up with Revolve to create her own clothing line. Opening up about summer trends and her warm-weather aesthetic, Bader doesn’t pull punches. “I actually have always despised summer,” she tells Elite Daily. “I enjoy the season, but summer, I’m sure if you talked to any larger girl, is just a frustrating season with bathing suits, denim shorts, things like that.”

Lately, Bader’s feeling sunnier about summer fashion. Since joining TikTok, she’s amassed a major following of more than 2 million fans and she’s used that notoriety to uplift plus-size fashion brands that are actually made for plus-size bodies. It’s also allowed her to expand her own shopping habits and try new things. “[Summer shopping] became more enjoyable for me in the past year because I’m making the effort and really finding these clothes that I never thought I would find that do fit my body,” she says.

If you’re on TikTok 24/7 like me, you know it’s *the place* to look for up-and-coming fashion trends. And Bader, being a TikTok star with a capital T and S, is ready to guide you through the coolest and most iconic looks blowing up the social media airwaves. From color blocking to what accessories to try, Bader’s got the scoop on all these fire trends.

Body Chains

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Body chains have a long history and waist beads were popularized in Ghana and West Africa. As this historic look makes the rounds on TikTok, body chains are becoming more mainstream and they’re a big yes for Bader. “I’m really into [them], and during Coachella I was on the hunt for them,” she says. “It’s just very hard to find ones that fit around my body, but [there are] definitely ones out there. I feel like it would add so much to an outfit. Super cute.”

Low-Rise Jeans

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Low-rise jeans are one of the most controversial Y2K trends to come back into vogue, and Bader has only one very thing to say about the style. “Absolutely, never. Never, never. It’s rude,” she says.

Bold Patterns

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When it comes to Bader’s personal style, she probably won’t be wearing too many bold patterns this summer. “Not a huge pattern girl,” she says. “It’s just not me. I just feel like checkered, bright polka dots, no. This is just personal preference.”

If you’re waiting for her Revolve line, don’t worry, there will be some bold patterns available. “I have to think of everyone else, not just me,” she says. So, while it won’t be a collab doused in out-there patterns, if checkerboard or stripes are your theme, Bader’s still got you covered.


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In lieu of bold patterns, Bader likes to play with colors — except for rainbow-inspired color-blocking, “I can’t, I tried,” she says. Instead, Bader has decided monochromatic outfits are more her speed. “I think I’ve done a pink bag and purple shoes, but that’s the farthest I’ll go. I can’t wear red, orange, yellow, purple. I can’t do that.”

That said, she does enjoy adding just a pop of the rainbow, and has the simplest way to do it. “I like throwing in colored bags, even if you’re wearing a black or neutral color outfit, throwing in a pink bag or any color at all,” she suggests.

Denim Shorts

If you’ve ever tried to buy jean shorts, then you know what an absolute pain it can be to find a pair you actually like. Some are too tight on the waist, others are too short and ride up, and others go all the way down to your knees (and not in a good way). Thankfully, Bader has already scoped out the denim short market this year. “I just did an Abercrombie denim shorts haul and I’m like, ‘Wow, these fit me,’” she says. “Good American, they have denim shorts that also fit [me].”


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“I like wearing bathing suits and sarongs. I like being somewhat covered, but also being somewhat able to show my body at the same time,” Bader says of her go-to summer fashion choice, and it’s easy to understand why. The mix of a bikini top and a long skirt with a thigh-slit gives you flowy vibes, coverage, and the airiness you need to stay cool on even the most humid days. “I try and make it as comfortable as possible for me but also want to look cute,” Bader says.

Mini Skirts

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Mini skirts are a timeless look, but they’re really only tailored to one body type, much to Bader’s frustration. “I don’t have any mini skirts. I’ve tried, but I have a big butt and every time I wear a mini skirt, it comes up in the back,” she says. Fortunately, a solution could be on the way courtesy of Bader’s own clothing line. “We’re definitely trying [with] Revolve. We’re doing some shorter pieces, too, where I’m trying to battle that: How can I make [mini skirts] for girls like me that have big butts?”

Sheer Fabrics

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“I’ve always been into sheer,” Bader shares. “Again, even though I’ve been curvier and whatever, I’ve always been someone that likes to show a little bit of skin, or make my outfit a little more [alluring] in some way.” And she’s not the only one. Ever since Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to JFK in her sequin gown, the naked, sheer dress has been iconic. Recently, everyone from Addison Rae to Bella Hadid took on the nearly naked look at the 2022 Met Gala after-parties.

Swimwear For Everybody (& Every Body)

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Bader knows all the hot spots to get cute, plus-size swimwear, especially since she had a hand in creating one. “Victoria’s Secret PINK has swimwear. I helped relaunch that with them in size XXL,” she says. “I feel like not a lot of people think of PINK; they think more lingerie, loungewear. But their swimwear is actually really great.”

Whether you’re ready to copy Bader’s notes to the T or are looking to carve out your own fashion moves, there’s plenty of shopping to be done and plenty more shopping tips on her TikTok page. With more and more plus-size-friendly lines and brands (hopefully) in the works, you can count on the fashion icon to keep you in the loop on which ones are worthy of your coin. “I’ve got to do more hauls,” she says. So get ready for much more content, because Bader is anything but done.