Shapewear Trend Is Coming Back and Here to Stay     

Shapewear Trend Is Coming Back and Here to Stay     

The Shapewear trend is back and here to stay! We bet a lot on inclusive models, where we have products for all body types including plus size, the right plus size model will highlight your best features and help your body look smoother, whether you are dressed in a bold style or in a casual style.

Not all plus size girdles are created equal, so you should know what you are looking for before you buy yours. Also, there are slight differences in size and style that you can look for that you wouldn’t necessarily find in other sizes.

We’ve put together tips to help you find the best plus size waist trainer shaper so you can confidently choose the best belt for your style and curve needs.

Shapewear Trend Is Coming Back and Here to Stay

How to Choose the Right Size Plus Size Strap?

The key to finding the best plus size brace starts with proper sizing. To enhance your curves and get the most curvy (guitar) look for your body type, it’s important to take accurate and fit measurements to find the best shapewear for tummy and waist.

For most body types, you will need measurements of some combination of bust, waist, and hips. Be sure to take your measurements whenever you want to purchase a new strap; don’t just assume your size.

How to take measurements

For all measurements, use a tape measure. It should be as flat as possible against your skin. Do not pull hard; you should be able to get up to two fingers underneath between the tape and the skin. But don’t let it go either. When measuring correctly, the tape should be parallel to the floor around your waist.

For the most accurate results, use a mirror – or better yet, a friend – to help you keep the tape level, but be careful not to make her jealous, okay?!

For the bust: Measure around the fullest part of the breasts.

For the waist: Measure at the natural waist. This is about two inches above the belly button. You can also find her bending over to one side while looking straight ahead. Your waist is where your skin naturally folds in.

For the hips: Measure around the fullest part of the hips.

Once you have written down your measurements, consult the size chart of your desired plus size belt (after choosing it). Please note that sizes vary from model to model.

How Do You Choose the Right Plus Size Strap Style?

Once you’ve determined the size of your plus size waistband, the next question is which style is best for your needs. The variables in strapping that are most important to consider are the level of compression, cut, and material. This determines the amount of support a piece of braces will support, the areas it is intended for, and how comfortable it will be, depending on your preferences. Ask these questions to determine which plus size styler options are best for your unique needs.

  • Occasion and Dress Style: Are you getting ready for a formal event or want to look good in your everyday outfit? Or are you looking for a fitness belt? Formal wear may require high-compression shapers designed to provide powerful shaping to enhance your curves in a fitted dress, while casual attire can do well with breathable shapewear that comfortably smooths and supports your silhouette in a way you can. feel good everyday. And if you want a brace for your physical activities, make sure you’re buying a brace designed for that purpose.
  • Target Areas: Plus size women have beautiful curves but can land in different places. Do you want to minimize and smooth out your waistline? Your hips? Your thighs? Your butt? All options? Different modeling cuts focus your modeling power on different areas.
  • Set goals: Do you want to focus on slimming and flattening your belly so your curves can show? Or do you want more coverage and control for your butt and hips? Do you want to focus primarily on one area, or do you want complete modeling? Consider the effects of different levels of compression and strap cuts.

Being plus size means you have beautiful curves that deserve special attention! Choose a plus size waistband or full body shaper that brings out your best features and helps you look smooth and feel confident in any outfit.