The 19 Best New Perfumes of 2022 (So Far)

Just like discovering and perfecting your personal style, finding your signature perfume takes time and plenty of trial and error. It often means that you spend too much time at your local perfume counter spritzing and smelling every new launch in search of the one: The fragrance you can wear day in and day out without tiring of it, until it becomes synonymous with who you are.

Still, that process can often leave you feeling like you’ve tried every perfume on the market. Not to mention, many people prefer to change their scents with the seasons. If you’ve found yourself signature scent-less and confused this year, allow me to introduce you to all of the new perfumes that have launched (or re-launched) so far in 2022. From fun, fruity blends to a few new heady floral options, this list will help you find your next new scent this year.