The 26 Best New Spring 2022 Fragrances

The 26 Best New Spring 2022 Fragrances

Florals for spring. Groundbreaking. But some of the latest fragrance launches really are, from a fruity explosion (we’re looking at you, Ellis Brooklyn Sunfruit) to the dainty Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Eau de Parfum. Of course, floral fragrances for spring aren’t the only option. There are woodsy wonders like Costa Brazil Aroma, which evokes the Amazon rainforest, and a spring rain shower in a bottle with Maison Margiela Replica When the Rain Stops. These are the best new spring fragrances that will be a standout this season.

Cartier Baiser Volé

All about the lily, the latest creation by Cartier in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent is exactly what you’ve come to expect from the storied house. Rich and sophisticated, Laurent said, “For this perfume I wanted to recreate the scent of bundles of flowers on the neck.” She just does that with the whole flower, from the floral of the petal to the powdery notes of the stamen to the freshness of the leaf, resulting in a delightfully decadent perfume. $144,

Costa Brazil Aroma

Welcome to the jungle! Inspired by fashion designer Francisco Costa’s first trip to the Amazon, the scent is meant to breathe, shift and evolve on your skin, much like the wilds of Brazil. A natural resin that grows in the Amazon is the muse behind the woody unisex scent that represents the jungle at dawn. The exotic, smoky effect of fresh dirt and crushed greenery comes courtesy of a blend of white jungle flora, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and amber accords. $198,

Ellis Brooklyn Sunfruit

Think of all of the best part of a beach vacation—the sensation of sun on your skin, the scent of tropical flowers—and that’s exactly what’s in this bottle. You might even search your skin for tan lines after spritzing it on. Leave it to Ellis Brooklyn to give the fruity floral genre a modern makeover. The bright hue perfectly matches the juice, with top notes of bergamot, plum leaves, fig and pear; mid notes of jasmine, cyclamen, orris and orange blossom; and a dry down of amber, vanilla planifolia, musk and coconut. $105,

Molton Brown Delicious Rhubarb & Rose Eau de Parfum

Aptly named, this delicate blend truly is delicious and smells good enough to eat. The crispness of rhubarb balances out the classic sweetness of rose, making it a quintessentially British pairing, much like the fragrance house itself. Raspberry, lychee, peony, pink pepper and a cedarwood-musk base round out the mix. $160,

Paco Rabanne InvictusAs if the bottle doesn’t give it away, this is a cologne for champions. A fitting face, Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets was named as the ambassador of Invictus, sharing the characteristics of being sporty yet suave. A mix of grapefruit, absinth, patchouli and cypress are in it for the win. $135,

Gucci The Alchemist’s Garden Love At Your Darkest Eau de Parfum

Deliciously intriguing, the lacquered white glass bottle is as striking as the genderless juice inside. Perfectly named, Love At Your Darkest conjures a mysterious romance with its deep and woody spiciness. Centered around the warmth of black pepper, the fragrance is rounded out with incense and cedarwood for a multifaceted intensity. $330,

Otherland Melon Spell

Freshening up your fragrance for spring goes beyond perfume—it’s also a great time to mix up your home scent. Otherland’s new Beach Club Collection will do the trick, particularly Melon Spell, which screams the start of summer. Light this one up and you’ll practically feel a warm breeze run over you with the killer combo of ruby watermelon, cucumber dew and palo santo. $36,

Henry Rose Sheep’s Clothing

Yes, the 10th fragrance from Henry Rose is named after a wolf in sheep’s clothing. True to the parable, the scent is much more than what it seems. On the surface, it appears to be a sweet floral scent (thanks to Turkish rose), but on second sniff the elements of amber woods and spicy pink peppercorn give way to a sultrier smell than expected. Like all of the scents from Michelle Pfeiffer’s clean line, Sheep’s Clothing is 100{a0ae49ae04129c4068d784f4a35ae39a7b56de88307d03cceed9a41caec42547} transparent with its ingredients, EWG Verified and Cradle to Cradle Certified by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. $120,

Maison Margiela Replica When the Rain Stops

Sometimes the smells of nature in spring can be seem impossible to bottle up. But Maison Martin Margiela has managed to capture the earthy, sweet smell just after a rain shower with their latest eau. The unisex combination of an aquatic accord, rose petal and pine needle is so convincing that you will be looking down to check for wet ground. $144,

Byredo De Los Santos

Byredo Founder and Creative Director Ben Gorham had been thinking about the fleeting nature of life and how different cultures consider the idea of loss when he was inspired to create De Los Santos. Paying homage to traditions like All Saints Day and Dia de los Muertos, the unisex fragrance is all about joining together in collective ceremonies and rites of remembrance. That explains the notes of musk, sage, amber, incense, iris root and mirabelle, a mystical combination that stays with you after the perfume has faded. $196,

Veronique Gabai Ready For Rosé Eau de Parfum

Want to pretend you’re drinking a glass of rosé in a garden under the sun? Then spritz this juicy perfume on. Truly spring and sunshine in a bottle, the combination of magnolia, jasmine, orange blossom, freesia, rhubarb, amber, cedarwood and musk brings the season to life. $260, (available May 23)

Parfums de Marly Haltane

Go into the woods with this enchantingly crisp men’s scent. The forest green bottle embodies the woody aromatic. Rich and cozy, it’s fit for the English countryside courtesy with top notes of bergamot, lavender and clary sage, with a heart of saffron, cedarwood, praline and oud. $395,

Narciso Rodriguez Musc Noir Rose for Her

The latest chapter of Her adds blooms with a touch of tuberose and plum, creating a sensual floral juxtaposed with a sweet creaminess. Featuring top notes of Italian bergamot oil and pink peppercorn, there are middle notes of musc and tuberose, with a base of vanilla, suede leather and patchouli. $131,

forte_forte Loves Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea

The bottle alone is enough to convince you to buy this scent before you even take a whiff. But what else would you expect from the first-time dream team partnership of Acqua di Parma and forte_forte. The two Italian houses have their exquisite craftsmanship in common, so they came together to put a new twist on one of Acqua di Parma’s most loved fragrances, Mirto di Panarea, an earthy and citrusy scent featuring bergamot, juniper and lemon. $189,

Boy Smells Cashmere Kush

Long before the cannabis craze, there was the Boy Smells Kush Candle, an earthy, bright scent featuring cannabis leaf, suede and florals. Now you no longer need a match to enjoy it, since it’s a unisex fine fragrance with the same green notes. Talk about getting lit. $98,

Ralph Lauren Polo Earth

Smell good while going easy on the planet. The fresh, earthy, genderless fragrance is 97{a0ae49ae04129c4068d784f4a35ae39a7b56de88307d03cceed9a41caec42547} natural-origin and vegan. Seven sustainable ingredients—bergamot, diva lavender, green mandarin, Turkish rose, sage heart, Haitian vetiver and bourbon geranium—provide the slightly sweet scent that is reminiscent of the earth. Made with 20{a0ae49ae04129c4068d784f4a35ae39a7b56de88307d03cceed9a41caec42547} post-consumer recycled glass, the bottle is refillable and the carton doesn’t come wrapped in cellophane. $106,

Jennifer Fisher My Scent

For years jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher couldn’t find a perfume that smelled the way she wanted, so she would mix her favorite scents to create a custom concoction. Now she’s sharing her creation with the world with her first fragrance, a blend of pure liquid essential oils. The warm, inviting scent combines vanilla, Australian sandalwood, tonka bean, pear and coconut. Ideal for on-the-go, it’s available in a glass rollerball format. $65,

Jo Malone Sakura Cherry Blossom

People flock from all over the world to experience the cherry blossoms in bloom in Japan. Skip the long flight, close your eyes, take a deep whiff and you’ll feel transported to the scene with this beautiful blend. The perfume recreates the iconic event with dainty layers of cherry blossom, rose and bergamot, housed in a limited-edition petal pink bottle. $145,

Santa Maria Novella Rose Gardenia

Dating back to 1221, Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy is the oldest pharmacy in the world, which explains their Old-World techniques. However, Rose Gardenia somehow smells deliciously old fashioned yet fresh and new at the same time. Inspired by the grace of flowers, the beautiful bouquet is soft and sweet. The floral musk features top notes of bergamot, almond blossom and orange blossom; a middle with gardenia, cabbage rose, fig flower and jasmine; and a sandalwood, vanilla and musk base. $145,

Valentino Born In Roma Coral Fantasy Uomo

If you can’t get enough of Valentino Born in Roma, now there’s another version you can add to the rotation. Featuring the same bright spirit as the original men’s scent, this update features bergamot sourced from southern Italy in Calabria, cardamom essence from India, red apple accord, jasmine from India blended, ambrette essence and a base of Texan cedarwood essence. $100,

Tom Ford Bitter Peach All Over Body Spray

With Tom Ford, a peach is never just a peach. He put his signature sexy spin on the sweet fruit with the launch of Bitter Peach, which is newly available as a body spray. That means it has a lighter touch that can be spritzed all over, with notes of Pêche de Vigne, Sicilian blood orange oil, cardamom oil. $100,

Kologne By Kilian

By Kilian founder Kilian Hennessy had been working on his own cologne for years, sparking the idea for this fresh scent created by perfume Calice Becker. Perfect for summer, it puts a sultry twist on a fresh, citrus scent. Top notes of green mandarin, bitter orange and mint mingle with a heart of neroli and rosemary, with a dry down of cedarwood, cashmeran and a sap accord of green vegetal notes. $250,

CK One Summer Daze

Imagine cruising down an open road with the windows down, your song of-the-moment on the radio and your favorite people packed in your car and you have the essence of the latest iteration of the classic CK One. The atmosphere of the perfect summer road trip is brought to life with a sunny, cheery combination of kumquat, iced mint tea, musk and vetiver. $65,

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Illicit Green Eau de Parfum

A true classic, Black Opium has been reinvented once again. This time the sexy gourmand gets a makeover courtesy of green mandarin, hence the new neon color of the juice. To round out its zestiness, there’s creamy fig to complete the signature black coffee accord. $115,

Louis Vuitton City of Stars

The latest creation by Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud captures a summer night in Los Angeles. The unisex blend of blood orange, lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, lime, sandalwood and tiare flower brings the bright lights, flashing bulbs of the paparazzi and energy of the city to life. Warm and enchanting, you can almost feel the heat from last rays of the day lingering on your skin, much as it does on Los Angeles. $280,

Bath & Body Works Butterfly Eau de Parfum

Imagine a butterfly fluttering its wings over a cluster of flowers and you have the latest scent from Bath & Body Works. The brand’s best-selling spring fragrance launch of all time is meant as a symbol of hope and transformation, which is why the scent is meant to evoke female strength and self-love with notes of raspberry nectar, iris petals and airy vanilla. $44.50,