The Best Nike Shoes for Men in 2022 – SI Showcase

Nike Metcon 7

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No other brand has cornered the market on athletic footwear like Nike has. From its humble beginnings as a track shoe company in Oregon to its status as an international megabrand that sells everything from footwear to backpacks, hoodies, and joggers, Nike has worked hard to become synonymous with quality, performance, and fashion.

Now, Nike strives to understand the exact elements that athletes need from their shoe to compete at the highest level — then delivers it in a trademark look that turns heads and makes a statement. Currently, the brand has hundreds of models to choose from, tailored to a wide variety of sports, activities, and styles. So it’s easy for the sheer number of options to be a bit overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of best Nike shoes for men. These are the shoes that consistently receive high praise from customers. From performing at your best to looking your sharpest, here are the hottest men’s Nike shoes available.

Our Picks for the Best Nike Shoes for Men:

Nike Metcon 7

The Nike Metcon 7 boasts a design that’s built for weightlifting yet maintains enough flexibility for running, making it a great choice for all the moves you might encounter during your CrossFit WOD. Its all-rubber outsole wraps up the side of the shoe, making it well-suited for rope climbs. The heel is firm enough to give you plenty of balance when doing squats, box jumps and deadlifts. And its midsole cushion is enough to support running and other cardio-intensive exercises. However, people with wide feet should take note: Like all other Metcon iterations, many reviewers note that the Metcon 7 does tend to feel a little tight in the toebox.

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nike air zoom pegasus

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is designed to deliver the cushion and performance-enhancing features you need to glide your way to faster times. These are running shoes built for speed, period. The waffle lugs in the rubber outsole are there to provide a solid grip, which in turn helps with acceleration. The shoe’s foam layers are also reinforced in key points of impact to help smooth the transition in your stride.

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Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GoreTex

Good news for trail runners: Nike took the cushion and flexibility of its Pegasus road running shoe and incorporated them into its Nike Pegasus 3 GORE-TEX shoe for trail runners. The rubber lugs on its outsole are designed to grip a variety of rough terrain (ie.: pebble, dirt, wet grass, flat rock) on some pretty extreme surface gradients — from uphill to downhill and angles that plant your feet awkwardly inward or outward.

Nike upped the shoe’s traction around the heel to help runners remain steady and to ensure each step is firm from heel strike to toe off. And its water-resistant GORE-TEX upper will keep your feet dry if you’re caught in rainy weather. Its collar is also designed to stop unwanted bits of nature from finding their way inside your shoe. Much like its road running cousin, the Nike Pegasus 3 GORE-TEX trail running shoe is designed to give you a smooth transition in your stride, even when the terrain gets tough.

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Nike LeBron 19

Nike wants you to unleash your inner LeBron James with the LeBron 19 basketball shoe. Some basketball shoes slap a pro athlete’s name or logo on the tongue and call it a day. But customers reviewing the LeBron 19 say time and time again that it lives up to the hype and legacy of the player who inspired them. The shoe is designed for a secure fit around the ankle to keep your foot stable during prolonged, rigorous movement on the court. And to achieve this snug-yet-responsive feel, Nike constructed the shoe’s inner sleeve so it’s attached to a sculpted overlay where the laces interlock, with the goal of cutting movement inside the shoe down to practically nothing.

For comfort and protection, Nike added cushioned pods to help prevent achiness around the collar and tongue (your ankles and forefoot). And because the pods are filled with air, they’re lighter than layers of fabric. Meanwhile, Nike constructed the shoe with cushioned foam for a soft feel that doesn’t give up any responsiveness — so players can move on their feet quickly when speed is everything.

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Nike Huarache men's

Running errands around town is practically a sport onto itself, and the Nike Huarache casual shoes will have you looking fashionable while supporting every step. Its supportive structure and smooth stride come from the fact that the shoe was originally designed for runners — but it steadily grew to be as recognized for its unique heel clip and dialed-down branding as much as its performance. Its upper blends soft leather with breathable fabric that work to conform to your foot while helping to prevent overheating. Inside, the cushioned sleeve stretches for a snug fit. The midsole is designed to add bounce, and its rubber sole provides traction.

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Nike Go FlyEase

The Go FlyEase is Nike’s first-ever hands-free shoe. It’s constructed with a rather impressive tension band and a bi-stable hinge that locks the shoe into an open position, held at an angle that makes it possible for you to slip your feet in. Once you step down and apply minimal pressure against the sole, the shoe clicks into a locked position. When you’re ready to kick the shoes off, you simply step on the heel of one shoe and lift your foot out. That’s when the shoe transitions seamlessly back into its open position, ready and waiting for your next outing. Their slip-on design makes them a great pick for people with physical limitations, or who just prefer not to worry about lacing up.

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Nike Court Vision low

The Nike Court Vision low top basketball shoe brings the classic 80s basketball aesthetic back to life. Its upper is constructed from a perforated leather that takes the shape of your foot while allowing heat to vent. The outsole is flat with deep and intricate traction, and the insoles are designed to give you a soft feel with each step. Based on online reviews, the Nike Court Vision toebox should give you plenty of wiggle room without too much give — though customers note they can be a bit rigid with not much flexibility (they’re not designed for running by any stretch). So if you like fashionable throwback styles and not a too-snug feel around your toes, definitely look into the Nike Court Vision low top shoes.

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Nike Blazer mid

What the Nike Court Vision aims to do for the lovers of classic 80s style, the Nike Blazer mid top shoe was designed to do the same for those who prefer the look of the 70s. An era when Nike itself was still the new kid on the block. From its collar and tongue to its midsole and outsole, the Nike Blazer embodies the classic basketball style, right down to the traction print you’ll leave after every step you take. But while its exterior is all vintage, Nike updated the insole to add modern-day comfort and support. That means you’ll have a fashionable throw-back style with improved durability and construction.

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Nike Air Force 1 Hi

The Nike Air Force 1 shoe is the company’s best seller of all time for a reason. It started as a breakout star on the basketball court that found its way to every corner of life. The Air Force 1 sets the standard for the classic high-top sneaker look, with its high collar, hook-and-loop closure and the perforated toebox that’s both fashionable and functional. We’ve already discussed in detail the attention Nike puts into the design of its shoes, so you can imagine the level of care it put into the shoe that helped land it on the map in the early 80s (1982, to be exact).

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What Kind of Shoes Does Nike Make?

Nike first gained worldwide acclaim with athletic footwear, but the company found a devoted following for its signature style. It makes every kind of shoe for just about any purpose under the sun, from beach sandals to even tactical boots as well.

How to Choose the Best Nike Shoes for You

Nike has a wide selection of shoes that are designed for a huge range of purposes. For example, each of its 20+ running shoe models boasts specs for a certain foot type (like a person with a high arch versus a low arch) and specific styles of running (e.g., marathon running, track and field).

When trying to decide on the right pair of Nike shoes for you, here are a few quick pointers:

  • Determine your budget up front and work backward from there.
  • Decide the single feature that matters most to you in a Nike shoe (comfort, support, durability, speed, performance, etc.).
  • If you plan to order online, look at a site’s return policy before purchasing, as you’ll want to have a window to try on the shoe and see if it’s one that you like.
  • Read reviews! Nobody knows a shoe better than the people who have bought, worn and put it through the ringer.

Also, keep in mind that there are usually trade offs in a shoe’s design. For example, running shoes that are designed for speed and short-distance sprints are usually constructed with less support to achieve a lighter weight. So, while you may look at a shoe for the single feature most important to you, take time to read up on where the shoe dials back to deliver that feature. You might decide the tradeoff isn’t worth it.

Nike Fit and Sizing

Nike shoes tend to run slightly small overall. This means you may end up going up a half or full size to get the perfect fit. If you’re worried about sizing and plan to order them online, you may want to find a way to try them on in person before ordering, or choose a site that allows a trial period and free returns.


Nike shoes come in a wide range of prices that vary by the model, the shoe’s category (running, casual, basketball, etc.) and overall construction. For example, men’s sandals start around $20 and cleats start at $40. A lot of trainer models fall around the $50 range. The fashion styles currently start around $65 as well. On the far end of the price spectrum, Nike offers road running shoes for as high as $350 and basketball shoes that cost as much as $230.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.