The best perfume subscription boxes for fragrance lovers

Whether you like to regularly switch up your fragrance or you’re still tracking down the best perfume for women for your signature scent, trying out one of the best perfume subscription boxes could be the answer. 

Our fragrance habits tend to fall into three camps: we either stick to the same scent we’ve worn since our teens for fear of breaking out of our comfort zone, leaving us to ponder the age-old question of ‘do perfumes expire?’. Or we buy under pressure, having been accosted by a spritz-happy, perfume-wielding sales assistant in a department store. As a last resort, we may even scan reviews and blindly buy online, the end result more likely to be ‘miss’ than ‘hit’. A perfume subscription box reimagines all of these scenarios as a fun, stress-free and immersive fragrance experience. It allows you to spritz the best perfumes for women at home and sit with them for a while so you can see how they develop and whether you still like them at the end of the day.