The Best Vanity Mirrors (2022)

The Best Vanity Mirrors (2022)

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A chrome vanity mirror

A chrome vanity mirror

If you’ve ever tried to apply makeup in a cramped space, you know it’s no easy feat. And what if your bathroom has a dainty mirror that barely shows your reflection? Well, that’s just not going to cut it – especially if you are getting ready for a big night. Thankfully, vanity mirrors are here to save the day! They offer an unprecedented level of flexibility and customization when it comes to getting ready and applying some final touches.

Offering exceptional adjustability, you can move them up and down or left and right to get that perfect angle for applying makeup and seeing your face in full detail. The greatest thing about vanity mirrors is that they allow you to make the most of limited space. You can see yourself from head to toe without having to put on a contortionist act just to make sure your eyeliner is even! With the state-of-the-art lighting and rotating features, you’ll never have to leave your house without looking absolutely flawless. With seemingly endless brands on the market though, buying the right vanity mirror can quickly become an overwhelming task. But don’t worry. To help you out, we’ve scoured the internet and reviewed some of the finest vanity mirrors of 2022.

Top Picks

Best overall: FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror with dimmable lights from FENCHILIN

A vanity mirror with dimmable lights from FENCHILIN

Are you sick of looking at yourself in a dimly lit mirror? It’s time to try FENCHILIN’s vanity mirror. This option is surrounded by LED bulbs, ensuring a gorgeous glow for all your beauty routines. Featuring adjustable brightness and 3 color lights, this product allows you to optimize it according to the ambient lighting before you start applying makeup. The intelligent touch control and memory function save all of your settings exactly how you left them, so your mirror will be ready to go at the same brightness level when you need it again. For those with limited counter space, this pick comes with a detachable base, allowing you to hang it to a wall and save even more space. Another plus? It comes with a USB charging port, so you’ll never run out of juice while you’re getting ready, whether you’re putting on your makeup or doing your hair! With its striking design and exceptional customization, this vanity mirror earned the title of best overall on this list.

Key Features:

Elite design: Deweisn Vanity Mirror

A touch screen vanity mirror from Deweisn

A touch screen vanity mirror from Deweisn

If you’re looking for a mirror that’s going to take your makeup game to the next level, making you feel like a true makeup maven, look no further than Deweisn’s vanity mirror. This lighted makeup mirror comes equipped with adjustable LED bulbs and a smart-touch dimmer, allowing you to optimize the lighting to your preferences. This option has a swivel rotation, helping you find the right lighting and angle for makeup application. The tri-fold design also makes sure you’re getting an accurate reflection in every panel. For maximum convenience, this mirror has a dual-power supply mode. So whether you’re at home, and using a standard outlet, or traveling with a battery pack, you can be sure that your mirror is always working at peak performance. This product also features 3x magnification, making it easy to apply eyeliner or mascara. On top of everything, its base tray provides ample storage for keeping all your jewelry and lipstick, so you’ll never have to worry about finding them as you glam up. With all these great features, you’ll be glad you added this mirror to your routine!

Key Features:

  • Material: Sturdy, stainless-steel

  • 21 pc LED bulb and smart-touch dimmer

  • 180° swivel rotation

Best magnification: Hansong Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror with dimmable lights from Hansong

A vanity mirror with dimmable lights from Hansong

This high-tech vanity mirror from Hangsong comes with everything you need to make sure your makeup is perfect before taking any selfies or video calls. It features several LED bulbs, a 360° rotational base, and detachable 10x magnification. So no matter what you’re applying, or how close you need to get for detailing makeup, this mirror will get the job done. And thanks to its smart touch control system and 3 color lights, you can adjust the brightness to your liking and set the perfect atmosphere! This option also has a memory function that saves your previous illumination setting so you won’t have to spend hours setting it up for your beauty routine. It features a high-quality metal frame, ensuring its durability over time and its reflective mirror glass makes sure that every bit of your beautiful self shines through! The sturdy base keeps it stable too, so there’s no risk of tipping or wobbling while you apply your makeup. With its 12V, 2A plug, and LED bulbs with more than a 10,000-hour lifespan, this product is sure to keep going for decades.

Key Features:

  • 10x magnification mirror with 12 dimmable bulbs

  • 360° rotating base

  • Memory function

  • Material: High-quality, metal frame

Sleekest design: Amazon Basics Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror with an iron coated base from Amazon Basics

A vanity mirror with an iron coated base from Amazon Basics

If you’re looking for a mirror that looks good and works even better, the Amazon Basics vanity mirror is just what you need. With this double-sided, 360-degree rotating mirror, you can adjust the angle of your reflection with one simple motion. Whether you want to see your face up close or from a distance, all you need to do is flick the base and swivel it around. This option provides both 1x and 5x magnification, giving you a zoomed-in view of your makeup before you step out the door. Its durable, substantial, and iron-coated base will stand up to the elements (including periodic spills) while always coming back strong. Its bamboo-framed rim gives this product an earthy vibe while also protecting the edges of the glass. This mirror gives you crystal clear reflection in any lighting, making it easy to apply makeup or work on your skincare routine. With a rustic look and modern design, this mirror is the perfect addition to any vanity or bathroom countertop.

Key Features:

Extremely portable: COSMIRROR Vanity Mirror

A double-sided vanity makeup mirror from COSMIRROR

A double-sided vanity makeup mirror from COSMIRROR

Are you tired of squinting at your mirror to do your makeup? Do you wish you could get a better view of your face and see every detail? Well, you’re in luck! The Cosmirror Vanity Mirror has 10x magnification and comes equipped with ultra-bright LED bulbs, giving you a wide viewing angle so you can see all the details of your face. It has a touch sensor switch too, so all you have to do is tap the mirror to turn it on or off. The 360° rotation allows you to adjust this option, so you can get ready in the morning with ease. It has a sturdy, non-slip base, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping to one side just when you need it most. This mirror is also nickel-plated so it won’t rust or corrode over time or with regular use. And since this baby runs for up to 10 hours without needing recharging, you can leave it on all day without worrying about draining the battery. Greatest of all, it is cordless and rechargeable, so it can be used anywhere and anytime.

Key Features:

  • 54-pc, ultra-bright LED bulbs

  • 8-inch round frame with 360° rotation

  • Sturdy, non-slip base

How to find your next vanity mirror: A buyer’s guide

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your morning makeup routine easier, or you simply want to elevate the design of your bathroom, a vanity mirror is a great addition. However, buying a vanity mirror that gives you the perfect view and can last a decade, without chipping or breaking, can be a daunting task. To help you, we have prepared this handy guide with all the information related to vanity mirrors you need to make an informed buying decision. Let’s take a look.

Types of vanity mirrors

There are different types of vanity mirrors available on the market. Let’s explore them so you can pick one that matches your requirements and blends in with your home’s décor.


A lighted mirror has built-in lights around its edges that provide additional light to your face, making it easier to see while applying makeup or shaving. These versions come in a variety of finishes and styles – most are wall-mounted, but some are portable and can be set up on a countertop or dresser. Some feature magnification options too, so you can get up close for detailed work like applying eyeliner or tweezing your eyebrows.


This type of vanity mirror is typically made out of wood, metal, or plastic and comes in a variety of styles ranging from ornate and elaborate to super minimalistic. Some even feature a curved edge that looks more like a piece of art than a practical, everyday tool.


As the name suggests, expandable mirrors come with extended sides, providing you with a wider view and a symmetric look. You may also find it useful if you’re getting ready for a special event and want to make sure that every aspect of your look – from the color of your lipstick to the drape of your dress – is as polished as possible. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, expandable mirrors can easily accommodate your needs as well as bring a touch of glamor to your bathroom’s decor.

Things to consider when choosing your vanity mirror

1. Consider the illumination

A good vanity mirror can be ruined by awful lighting conditions. Luckily, today’s models are designed with high-quality bulbs that illuminate your face, letting you get a crystal clear view of what you’re doing. Some models have LED lights already built-in, while others require external lamps or bulbs. The best way of ensuring you’re getting light that mimics natural sunlight is by selecting one with LED bulbs – they’re long-lasting, energy-efficient, and provide a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 or more. This means they provide the light that’s close to natural daylight. Ideally, a mirror should be bright enough for you to see what you’re doing clearly without having to squint, or worse yet, move closer and risk poking yourself in the eye with your brush.

2. Pick a mirror with a rotational setting

Since a vanity mirror is typically placed on a flat surface, it should be easily adjustable. This makes it so you don’t have to lean over uncomfortably or strain your neck while getting a closer look at your makeup. A product should also have a 360-degree rotating swivel so you can look into it from various angles without having to move the mirror around.

3. Select a mirror with adjustable brightness

When it comes to mirrors, one size doesn’t always fit all. You may need a higher level of brightness at certain times (like in the morning) than others (like when you’re getting ready for bed). For this reason, it is important to get an option with adjustable brightness levels so you can adjust it according to the ambient lighting. Also, make sure it also has color tones that simulate natural light so you can see what your makeup really looks like, avoiding any unwanted surprises when you walk outside into the sun.

4. Check out the magnification feature

A magnifying mirror can be useful for close work, such as applying makeup or shaving, especially if you wear glasses or contact lenses. This number is usually represented by an “x” followed by a number (for example, 5x magnification shows an image five times larger than normal). If you want to be able to see every pore and hair on your face, opt for one with 10x magnification – just make sure it’s positioned at an angle, so it won’t cast a shadow across your face as you apply makeup. Since magnifying mirrors can distort facial features, making them appear larger than they actually are, you should opt for a mirror with two sides: a regular side for general use and a magnifying side for precision work, like applying eyeliner.

5. Don’t forget the power source

Some mirrors run on batteries, while others require you to plug them into a wall outlet. If you are always on the move and want more versatility, go for a product that runs on batteries – but if you know that you’ll only be using it in one place and don’t mind being tethered to a wall socket, go for something with an outlet connection.

People also asked

Q: Can I take my vanity mirror on a plane?

A: Yes, you can take vanity mirrors on a plane. The TSA doesn’t have any rules or regulations against vanity mirrors in luggage or as part of your personal carry-on. Most airlines will allow you to take a vanity mirror with you, provided it is within their size limit (45 inches) and weight restrictions (40 pounds) for carry-on luggage.

Q: How much does a vanity mirror cost?

A: Vanity mirrors vary widely in price depending on size and features, but you can find a simple model for as little as $20 or less. If you’re looking for something that simulates natural light, be prepared to pay at least twice as much – around $40 or more, depending on its size and other specs. If you want a full-length, Hollywood-style mirror that can be mounted on the wall or door, expect to spend anywhere from $100-$200, though some models are even more expensive.

Q: What is a passenger vanity mirror?

A: Passenger vanity mirrors are located in the headliner visor of a car’s passenger side. Simply pull down the visor and you’ll find a passenger mirror inside.