The Boring Company’s new cologne will make a great gag gift.

The Uninteresting Company’s new cologne will make a wonderful gag present for pranksters everywhere you go. No matter if you’d like to get back again at a jokester or have to give your worst enemy a little something for a Magic formula Santa, or truly like the smell of burnt hair, it would have attention-grabbing reactions, for confident.

In September, Elon Musk shared a new thought for a men’s cologne and claimed it was coming quickly from The Unexciting Company, and indeed, we speculated he may well just be trolling. Even though Elon Musk could even now just be trolling the globe in this article, there is a possibility he could be major. I hope he does it. It’d be hilarious.

Nowadays he tweeted again that the new cologne, Burnt Hair by Singed, is coming quickly from The Uninteresting Organization with a new image. Elon Musk is recognised for trolling, and what much better way to troll the globe than by really releasing cologne?

An excellent idea for gag presents would be to make the cologne in 1-3 ounce bottles and market them for $69.42 through the getaway period. And probably have a variety of scents. Burnt Hair. Burnt Shorts. Grime. The final would be a nod to all the dirt The Dull Organization digs up whilst producing the tunnels. It’s possible established the dust on hearth with a Not-A-Flamethrower and contact it Burnt Filth.

In 2021, Ford in fact launched a cologne that smells like gasoline. Ford observed that in a company-commissioned survey, one in 5 motorists stated that the odor of gasoline is what they’d pass up the most when producing the switch to an EV. So it made a cologne, Mach-Eau, that “fuses smoky accords, aspects of rubber, and even an ‘animal’ factor to give a nod to the Mustang heritage.”

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The Uninteresting Company’s new cologne will make a good gag reward.