The Ukrainian brand rethinking jewellery design

The Ukrainian brand rethinking jewellery design

The Ukrainian brand bringing adaptability to jewelry design

The playful styles of Guzema Good Jewellery indicate jewelry can be worn in various techniques

Previous magazine editor Valeria Guzema places minimalist silhouettes at the heart of her eponymous jewelry model, Guzema Good Jewelry, with playful patterns and a considerate operation – which means that the new ‘DropDrop’ collection can be worn in a quantity of strategies.

‘The “DropDrop” selection is conceived as jewellery that basically life up to your rhythm,’ the Ukrainian jewellery designer suggests. ‘Today, everything all around us is shifting really swiftly: gatherings, life-style trends, technologies, manner. There’s a enormous demand from customers for versatility and multifunctionality. This encouraged me to develop a selection of products and solutions that a woman can participate in with just about every working day, depending on her temper or programs. Transformable jewelry also satisfies the ask for for customisation. “DropDrop” earrings, for instance, can be customised for just about every client so that they seem like distinctive pieces.’

Jewellery is simply modified – beads on the earrings are quickly altered, though chain lengths can be easily lengthened and shortened, with necklaces hanging free or worn as chokers.

‘I imagined about how typically women’s moods modify, as we regularly motivation some thing new and stunning,’ Guzema adds. ‘It gave me an perception: actively playing with the identical piece of jewelry is a perfect option. “DropDrop” is jewelry mechanics in motion: the size and geometry of the parts are modified by a product concealed below a round gold bead, so you can perform infinitely with every single piece.’

The gold beads are produced by hand and consist of two parts, producing for a easy and efficient system. ‘All the products are minimalist and exquisite,’ Guzema claims. ‘I create jewellery that in no way goes out of manner and will be relevant always and in just about every predicament. I would appreciate to see my jewellery handed down from era to technology, from mom to daughter and granddaughter. It is jewelry which encompasses a stylish and playful luxe minimalism.’

Presently based in Spain, rather than her indigenous Chernihiv, as a consequence of the disaster in Ukraine, Guzema is donating 100 per cent of her present-day earnings to the military and the population of her indigenous metropolis, via her charity foundation that was beforehand committed to children’s professional medical treatment method. §