What Does Turkmenistan’s Ban On Women’s ‘Beauty Services’ Mean

What Does Turkmenistan’s Ban On Women’s ‘Beauty Services’ Mean

Gals in Turkmenistan are no for a longer period permitted to dress in “limited-fitting” clothing, and the nation authorities launched a ban on a assortment of splendor products and services that include dying/bleaching their hair, or using wrong nails or eyelashes. 

Additional restrictions have been imposed on gals undergoing beauty medical procedures, these types of as breast augmentation, lip fillers, and even eyebrow microblading, which is commonly identified among Turkmen youthful ladies.

Constraints On Women’s Independence


To mitigate “foreign” developments harming “Türkmençilik,” (i.e., Turkmen common values), the Turkmen authority banned natural beauty services (together with these eyelash and nail extensions, eyebrow and lip tattoo layouts, magnificence injections, and hair dying/bleaching) and “captivating” vogue accessories in April 2022. 

Numerous condemn the ban proclaiming that the restriction is intended to restrict Turkmen gals, properly robbing them of their standard flexibility. It violates their correct to bodily independence and the autonomy to costume and groom on their own as they see in good shape. These types of prohibitive procedures governing women’s look day again to the time when Turkmenistan gained independence from the Soviet Union and set up its country condition.

In accordance to experiences,  various women of all ages have also apparently misplaced their work opportunities and function alternatives in current months as a outcome of alleged breast implants or lip injections.

According to reviews, the gals were ordered to consider absent their magnificence items and pay penalties of close to 140 pounds, which is approximately fifty percent of the standard Turkmen regular profits.

Picking up women who are not loved ones users is also strictly prohibited beneath the new ban and may possibly guide to hefty penalties for private cars possessing male drivers. Women  are also not permitted to sit in the front chair beside the driver. The unofficial constraints took effect this month in the strictly regulated Central Asian country, briefly soon after the new President Serdar Berdymukhammedov entered energy in a March 12 election wherein he changed his father.

No Announcement?

In accordance to reviews, there has been no official announcement or clarification for the latest ban that is currently being imposed by neighborhood governments and regulation enforcement authorities all over the location.

Authorities and administration team, in accordance to office personnel, have held unique conferences to talk about the most up-to-date restrictions on women’s clothing, splendor routines, and appearances, but have refused to make clear why or existing a duplicate of the report purchasing the restrictions.

According to studies, very similar bans had been placed in the past, but they have been never strongly enforced. The new restriction goes a action even more, forbidding jeans and any outfits that is also tight. “Police consider their pictures, make a report, and fine the women,” RadioFreeEurope reports.

The relationship amongst gender and national identification

The explaination of national integration, authenticity, and identity in Central Asia is inscribed in the idea of “coming back again to tradition” in order for freshly autonomous states to distance oneself from the Soviet initiative of “women ‘s independence.” Turkmenistan sought to “re-traditionalize” nation all through the put up-Soviet shift, and gals performed a substantial role in the establishment of a article-Soviet Turkmen identity.


The rejuvenation of Türkmençilik and the reclaiming of the Turkmen point out have been manifested in calls for “liberated” Soviet women of all ages to occur again to their Turkmen origins. In other words, Turkmenistan’s place-building manifested itself by the enhancement of a “mother,” an impactful image of the nationwide fireplace and property. Stories point out that Turkmen gals are nonetheless actively encouraged to give delivery to and raise wholesome nationalists, as perfectly as to uphold typical loved ones values.

According to industry experts, in Turkmenistan, concerns about women’s style, visual appearance, and manner are effectively about purity and, strangely, male honour. As a result, women’s shame will become the shame of the group, the disgrace of the nation, and the shame of the loved ones gentlemen. In this context, perceived disorderly female sexuality adversely impacts to delegitimize the region and harm men’s honour. As a outcome, women’s purity have to be impeccable, and men often have a special desire in managing their women’s sexuality and sexual conduct.

The Diplomat states that there is no much better and obvious sign of dress and demeanour politics in Turkmenistan than the politics of proscribing gals ‘s apparel and look, whether or not or not these kinds of concepts are shared by the ladies on whom they are imposed. 

From this perspective, the latest beauty limitations can be viewed as an effort to optimize the performance of classic femininity, whereby women of all ages are signifiers of purity, magnificence, and modesty.

Turkmenistan’s Women’s Rights

Article 29 of Turkmenistan’s constitution, as nicely as Legislation No.264-V give guys and women equal civil privileges and positive aspects. Turkmenistan attended the 4th Earth Meeting on Females, “Motion for Equality, Development, and Peace,” in Beijing in 1995. All 189 collaborating authorities, including Turkmenistan, agreed to assist the Beijing Agreement and Process of Motion. Later on that 12 months, in 1997, Turkmenistan signed the Conference on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination From Ladies (CEDAW), and then in 2009, it ratified its Optional Protocol.


The Turkmen council executed the 2021-2025 National Approach Of action for Gender Equality in December 2020, which shaped countrywide goals, targets, and tastes to support and encourage gender equality across all areas of daily life, the two domestically and internationally.

Turkmenistan was voted to the Executive Board of the United Nations Institution for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Females (UN-Gals) for the interval 2020-2024 on April 20, 2021. In spite of marginal pledges to safeguard ladies from discriminatory practises, Turkmenistan’s women’s rights motion is even now to be completely executed.

The Diplomat report says, women of all ages and girls are subjected to domestic abuse, gender-dependent violence, sexual assault, intercourse trafficking, virginity checks, forced marriages, and are barred from buying cigarettes or acquiring driver’s licences simply because they lack bodily independence and self-dedication. All of this is getting area in opposition to a backdrop of Posting 16 of Legislation No.264-V, which assures girls equal legal rights to lead in the administration of the administration’s relations, and however the nation has taken it a point out major focus to police what women of all ages use.

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