Jelenew unveils collection with French fashion brand Stephane Rolland

American cycling brand, Jelenew, has unveiled a joint series with French haute couture grasp, Stephane Rolland. The 1st cross-field cooperation between the manner and sportswear firms promotes the integration of ‘functionalism and 3D composition aesthetics’ and encourages the upgrading of athletics makes to aesthetic flavor and functional composition shaping.

The selection will present biking fanatics a different sort of style vitality, and meet its assorted scene shuttle requirements. The Jelenew x Stephane Rolland assortment includes three sets of cycling trousers-dress and a new look with a perception of avant-garde. The series is dependent on the joint cycling trousers produced by Jelenew and Stephane Rolland and applies the artwork of couture to sportswear. It brings together the new composition, new know-how, and basic vogue art and delivers new vitality to skilled biking pants. It subverts the earlier perception of ‘masculine women’s biking clothing’ and opens up a new planet of ‘haute couture women’s biking clothing’, Jelenew explained in a press launch.

American biking brand, Jelenew, has unveiled a joint sequence with French haute couture learn, Stephane Rolland. The initial cross-field cooperation between the vogue and sportswear companies promotes the integration of ‘functionalism and 3D framework aesthetics’ and promotes the upgrading of sporting activities makes to aesthetic style and practical structure shaping.

The selection attracts inspiration from the golden age of the 17th century in Spain to produce a biking dress glance with female avant-garde. Each is a fusion of cycling trousers and dresses. Dependent on its expert cycling trousers, Jelenew will take the ‘Goddess of Victory’ in the Louvre as its muse and draws inspiration from the Spanish 17th-century noble knight trousers to generate haute couture biking pants with a feeling of groundbreaking.

Stephane Rolland reinterprets Japanese and Western artworks with clothing from the standpoint of a grasp artist. Such as paintings of Goya and Velasquez, the summertime palace of the last Chinese Empress, and Chinese followers demonstrating different but classic costume styles.

In this selection, the two functions have generally adhered to the frame of mind of spending notice to structuralism and tailoring. The legendary construction of the two functions is supplemented by 3-dimensional couture tailoring. Features and extraordinary traces mix with magnificent embroidery to develop an impeccable and distinctive impact that offers expert cycling trousers the characteristics of an haute couture gown, according to Jelenew.

Amid them, the software of the new know-how of silicone broderie is also a emphasize. The 3-dimensional embroidery made by this technological innovation expresses the splendor of levels, but the tentacles are smooth and at ease.

Jelenew imaginative director, Di Liu, is the former core member of Chanel Haute Couture and has proven his field exploration workforce and product advancement staff in Paris, France. He follows the groundbreaking spirit of Chanel. Di Liu took the direct in introducing higher tailoring skills into the design of expert biking trousers according to the unique physiological buildings of gentlemen and women of all ages and the differentiated demands in the riding approach.

He produced the Jelenew 1+1 design outer padded biking pants: 1 pair of limited-fitting leggings and a person removable outer padded shorts. The biking trousers subvert the crafted-in pad construction of common biking pants and are the initial professional biking trousers in the globe that have been certainly produced for women.

This collaboration breaks the boundaries involving technological sportswear and inventive aesthetics. It also displays the infinite opportunities of creation in the cycling field and interprets the multi-faceted mother nature of Jelenew specialist cycling trousers.


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